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Monday, 16 June 2014



Essay Writing About A Picnic by Alifye
Last month my cousin came from Karachi, He was very eager to see the beautiful places of Lahore. I thought that a visit to the beautiful Moghal gardens, Shalamar, would be an excellent beginning to the sights seeing tour' of Lahore. I invited two of my friends, and one fine morning we went to the garden. We had packed a big lunch basket. My friend Shafique had his violin with him. On our way we bought some fruit and ice-cream from the bazar.
The sky was overcast, but not heavily. It was an ideal day for a Picnic. A gust' of cool and fresh air greeted us as we entered the main gate of the Shalamar gardens. A great number of picnickers were there. They had spread their carpets and mats all over the place and put their things there. Now they were walking in the garden. A large number of children were running about in every corner. Shouting and laughing and holding multi-colored  balloons in their hands.
After some time, we found a small lawn in a corner of the garden %Ouch vitas still unoccupied. So we put our things there. A garden watchman promised us to look after our things in our absence.
We strolled' about the garden. It was so beautifully laid out that we could not find words to express our admiration. The beautiful trees, especially the tall, graceful cypresses, the well-kept jawns, the typical Moghal fountains so different from the modern ones, and the different tiers of the garden cast a spell over us. My cousin from Karachi was tongues ties with delight. He had not seen anything like it in Karachi.
We were so absorbed° in the beauty of the garden that we forgot everything. A group of people eating their lunch- reminded us that we were hungry. We returned to the place where the garden watchman was guarding our things from birds etc. We thanked and invited him to share our lunch. He very gratefully accepted. –
 After lunch we thought that a little sleep would do us a lot of good. So we lay down on the grass and fell asleep. It was three o'clock when my cousin shook my shoulder. My friends were already up. I washed my face and poured some cold water on my head. Now I was fully awake.
My cousin wanted some tea. Our friend, the watchman, came to our help and brought us some very good tea. This put my cousin In high spirits. He asked Shafique to play his violin. Shafique did not wait for the. Second request, and played a beautiful tune'. All of us were spell bound’s'. Suddenly a peal of thunder"' broke the spell. The clouds were thick and low. Most of the people had left. We collected our things and rushed out of the garden. Fortunately, we found a taxicab at the gate. A memorable day had ended.

Sunday, 8 June 2014



            In the modern quarters of the city seeing a marriage part) going to the bride's house, or a five-star hotel is., not much fun'. You do not sec much of the groom4 and the marriage party as a it whizzes past you in motorcade. However, a marriage procession passing through a street in the older part of the city is a wonderful sight.
Essay Writing Of Marriage Procession by Alifye
Last Saturday while walking down a narrow street in the old city. I heard firecrackers7 exploding at a distance. Then came the sound of a drum, I did not know what to make of these sounds, but the people of the locality° did. In a few minutes the street was full of children. Some WOH1CLI came out of their houses and stood in little lanes on both sides of the street. People passing through the street slackened their pace. Then I knew what the bang of the firecrackers and the sound of the drum meant.
 A marriage procession was coming towards the street. As the noise of music and firecrackers grew louder, people moved to the sides of the street. Shopkeepers came out of their shops. Everybody waited to see the marriage procession.
At last the procession entered the street. At the head of the procession was a band with drums bagpipes and flutes. They wore colourful but rather shabby uniforms. The bandmaster with an ornamental staff in his hand strutted in front of his men.
Then came the marriage party. The bridegroom dressed in shalwar, qameez and achkan was sitting on a horse. His face was hidden behind a golden sehra. All around the horse were his relatives and friends, walking on foot. Some two hundred mar are guests followed.
The marriage procession went on at a leisurely pace's while women standing on rooftops and men and children lining-both sides of the street watched Ever), few minutes16, a near relative of the bridegroom would take a handful of coins from a bag and toss them in the air. Beggars and children laughing and shouting, would rush this way and that *ay to collect as many coins as they could.
The marriage procession took half an hour to reach the other end of the street and disappear round the comer, As the sound of music faded away the women on the rooftop went down to attend to their household work, and the crowed gathered in the street slowly melted away.

Saturday, 7 June 2014



            Last summer, I decided to spend my summer vacation with my uncle at Karachi. After a good deal of persuasion' my father agreed to give me sufficient' money for the journey. I had fears that he 'might reconsider his decision. So the moment he agreed, I packed my clothes and a few text books and went to the station.
Essay Writing about A Journey by Train by Alifye
The train had arrived. I bought a lower class ticket and ran to the platform. A porter' was kind enough to push me into a compartment through a window. The door had been besieged' by a crowd of passengers who were pushing each other all over the platform.
After paying the porter, I looked around the compartment. It was full to capacity. Some people were standing. Among them I found an old friend of mine. In the school he was well known for picking quarrels with everyone who happened to be near him. While we were greeting each other, the train whistled and began to move.
Once again I searched-the compartment to find a vacant seat. On one berth there were only three men. They had piled' their luggage on it, too. I asked my friend that if the luggage was removed, we could comfortably sit there. He said that he would not ask them to remove their things, because they had helped him to enter the compartment.
I took out a magazine and tried to read it. But I could not read it. I was tired. My clothes were wet with perspiration'. There were four fans in the compartment but no breath of air reached me. I put my head out of a window-and a gust9 of burning air slapped'0 my face. I withdrew my head. The prospect of a long uncomfortable journey depressed' me. I cursed the time when I had thought of going to Karachi.
By now I was desperate and ready to pick a quarrel with the devil himself. I walked up to the berth with only three men on it. Without saying anything, I picked up their suit-cases and thrust them under the seat. "What are you doing?" one of them shouted. "It is not your luggage." me another was sitting on But by that time you are right, that is not my luggage. I beckoned that is not my friend sat clown beside me. The three gentlemen did not ask me another question.
The sun had set, and the train had reached Rohri. I opened and invited toy friend and the three gentlemen to share my dinner.

They readily accepted and unpacked their own dinner baskets, too. All of us enjoyed the meal. I was feeling sleepy, so I put my head on the back of the berth, and stretched my legs. Before long, I was fast asleep. It was broad daylight when, my friend shook me roughly and said we were reaching Karachi in a few minutes.



            A hockey match played between two strong teams is really a thrilling' experience. Last Sunday, I saw an exciting2 match between our College Eleven and the City Raiders. It was played in our ground, and a large number of spectators; came to see the game. Our team had recently' won the Board Zonal Championship, and was naturally considered to be a strong combination. The City Raiders, too, were experienced players and had played in many tournaments. The spectators expected to see a very interesting game.
Essay Writing About A Hockey Match by Alifye
At exact 4 p.m. the referee blew a long whistle and the players who had taken up their positions in the field looked towards the .centre-forwards who quickly leapt into action.
Our centre-forward Niaz pushed the ball towards the Raiders' goal and the next moment he was running after it. It happened so swiftly that the Raiders could not move before he had reached the 'D'. The goal-keeper tried his best but he was too late; Niaz had hit the ball right into the goal. We went made with joy. We shouted and dapped and whistled, and our players waved to us.
The game started again. Raiders were more vigilant' this time. Their centre-forward managed to beat ours, and passed the ball to his right-in who passed it back to him. He dribbled it past our defenders and reached the goal-mouth but our goalkeeper stopped the ball and sent it flying back. The ball was now with our players who were working very hard.
After a short time, our captain got the ball and raced down to the goal-post. When he reached the 'D', he slipped and fell down. The Raiders got the ball and once again raided our goal. Our defenders fought back valiantly and repulsed every attack. At this point the referee blew a long whistle and the players walked out of the ground, for it was 'halt time'. The players went to the dressing room and had soft drinks and biscuits.
After the interval, the game became tense .The Raiders played a better game; most of the time the ball remained in our half. Time and again the Raiders' Captain who was in terrific' form reached our goal-But every time our goalkeeper stood his ground and cleared the ball. At last, the time was up and our team came out happy and with joy. Our players had not let us down. and shouted victorious. They had won the match by one goal. We clapped and shouted with joy. Our player had not let us down.

Friday, 6 June 2014

A Hiking Trip

A Hiking Trip

Hiking means a walking tour for pleasure, especially hi the countryside'. It is the best way of enjoying nature. In our country, the hills are popular resorts for hiking, because there you see nature in all its beauty. Last year in summer, I had a chance to go on a hiking trip' in the company of sonic friends.
Essay Writing about Hiking Trip By Alifye
 It was the second week of June. The monsoon had not yet set in. We planned a cross-country` walk in the Murree Hills. We made necessary preparations' and reached Murree by bus, and spent the night there.
Early in the morning we got up, collected our things and set out. The sky was clear blue, and the morning was pleasant. Soon we were out of the town. The road suddenly ended on the top of a hill, and a- small narrow trace led downward windng5 through tall, graceful pines6. The green turf'' was under our feet and the pine branches rustled over our heads.
The sun had risen and. its rays fell on the earth where the trees were not thick. It was a pleasure to walk, for we were in no hurry. The scene was glorious, and the morning quiet and cool. We were speechless with wonder and delight. We walked leisurely9 wherever that winding path led us, up and down the hills.
About midday, we reached- an open space among the trees and suddenly a gentle breeze blew in. our faces. It was cool and brought with it a soft murmuring sound. A few steps further, we came upon a spring. The clear water spurted ° from the earth and ran down the slope rippling sparkling" in the sun. I had never before seen such a delightful scene.

We sat down on the soft grass near the spring. One of my companions brought out his camera and took many photographs. We were tired and hungry now. So we unpacked our lunch. As we finished eating, a gentle drowsiness overcame us and we fell asleep.
It was 4 o'clock when we woke hour later, we reached the narrow valley below. There storehouses. As we reached near a house, a sheepdog sudden and stood in our way. It barked rather threateningly now I never trust dogs, though wise people say that barking dogs seldom bite. But who knows when a dog will stop barking and start biting! So I. was. And so did my friends.
Now it was the turn of children. They came and stared at us until and elderly man came out of a house and scared them away. He was good and hospitable.
We stayed the night in that village and returned to Murree the next morning.

A Good Citizen

A Good Citizen

         A person who is aware of his duties and rights in his society is a good citizen. He Knows That he is member of a group with which he is associated by thousand and one ties. He realizes that he should live in harmony with other members of the society.
Essay Writing A Good Citizen by Alifye
        Man cannot live without a society. He cannot live alone. He must live with his fellow human beings. But living in society means co-operation with other members of that society. When you live in a Society you have to live as others live. You have to accept the conditions and traditions that a society prescribes for its members. These conditions and standards of behavior are for the common good and welfare of the society and individuals. Society gives you some rights and some duties.
         A good citizen does his best to do his duty to the society. He always keeps in view the interests of his society and state. He lives a clean and honest life. He keeps away from such activities as may harm the interests of his fellow citizens.
         A good citizen is aware of the fact that he is indebted to his society in many ways. He knows that he labbour and work of countless persons have enriched his life. His life, to a very great extent, depends on others. He has received much in material and spiritual benefits from others. It is only just and right that he should pay his debts.
         How does a good citizen pay his debts to the society? By living a useful and fruitful life. He lives not for himself alone. He lives for others. He pays his taxes. He take keen interest in the affairs of his state. He does not live in isolation. He is not selfish. He is tolerant and kind and virtuous.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Football Match


Last Sunday, in went to Lahore to see the final Match of the District Football tournament. It was played between the young men’s club and the City Stars' Club. Both the teams were strong, and had won all of their matches in the tournament easily. A large crowd had come to witness the Match. They hoped to see a thrilling game of the highest quality,
Essay Writing Football Match by Alifye
A few minutes before 5-30, and the players entered the field. The Youngman's were in maroon jersies and white shorts while the Stars war blue shirts with white shorts. They took up their positions in the Field.
At 5-30 the referee whistled, and the game started. As soon as the ball was kicked off the forwards of both the sides burst into action. The match started at a fast pace. Both sides made all efforts to get control of the bail. The City Stars made some Very good and threatening moves but their rivals were vigilant' and fast.
A few minutes after the start, Stars' center-forward Yameen received a beautiful cross from the outside-left and with a powerful shot sent the ball to the Youngman's goal. But the goalkeeper foiled the attempt. The Stars continued making combined moves but the Youngman’s defenders proved equal to the task. No team could score a goal in the first half.
After the half-time, the Youngman played an aggressive' game. In the first half they had been content' to defend, but now they decided to attack. Their forwards displayed superb control over the ball and completely dominated their opponents.
Just after the interval Youngmen's centre forward Rafique dribbled past the Statrs deep defenders and rushed towards the goal. He moved with such speed that the goalkeeper could not move his little finger before the ball was in the net. A few minutes later, he again rushed through the Stars's defence and scored another goal. By this time the Stars were demoralized. The Youngmen continued combined moves. They entertained the crowd with their fast game and short passes. They netted three more goals in a row.
Some Ten minutes before the close of the match, the City Stars Made desperate efforts to fight back. Their centre forward sent a pass to the inside-right who second his team's first goal. But the Youngmen were active once again. This time it was their captain who displayed fine from. He Scored two goals for his side. just before the final whistle.
The Youngmen's Club won the match by seven goals to one.

A Cricket Match


     The annual Cricket Match Between our College Eleven and the Old Boys' Team was played on the first Sunday of last March. This is the most popular sports event in our college. The college team included four University selected players while the Old Boys comprised the best players of previous years who Were still active cricketers.
Essay Writing of Cricket Match
          On that day the Principal, the staff and almost all the students and a large number of old students were present. At 9 a.m. the play started. The Old Boys' captain had won the toss and decided to bat first. Waqar and Hassan opened the innings or the old Boys. Our fast bowler Shamim opened the attack. He bowled quite fast, but his length Was erratic'. The batsmen hit Bins to the boundary \\ice. Front the other end Khalid bowled the second over to Hassan. His \cry first ball uprooted the Middle stump. The spectators went wild with excitement.
       The next man appeared to be more confident.  He sent the first ball to the boundary, over the head of the bowler. He flashed at the next ball and snicked it through the slips. But the last ball of the over beast him and he was caught by The wicket-keeper. At the other end Shamim proved very expensive, he conceded 16 runs in the third over.
     Khalid, however, was in great form. In the first two hours., he claimed live wickets for 50 runs. All the other bowlers failed to get any wicket, The Old Boys had run up a respectable total of 150 for 5 wickets. The next hour produced 100 runs for the loss of only, one wicket. At the lunch interval, the Old Boys declared their innings at 250 for 6. Their captain Naeem Ahmed had played a great innings. He had scored 100 runs.
    After the lunch our team went in to bat. Our openers Shaheed and Shameem played steaddy10 and scored 50 runs in the first hour. Then both were out in the same over. After that a collapse'' set in and wickets began to fall at regular intervals. The score moved at a snail's pace". Old Boys' slow bowler Rafique, was in a terrific'3 form. No batsman could face him with confidence. The last eight wickets fell for only 90 runs. Rafique claimed 8 wickets for 60 runs. 
       The Old Boys were very happy over their success. The spectators were happy too, for the game had been very interesting. Our team was not disgraced. They knew they had lost to a better side.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Essay Writing


An essay, which an Intermediate student is expected to write, is a brief composition piece which aims at providing information on any given topic, or revealing the ideas of the writer on a specific problem. Essays may be, broadly, classified under the following three categories.

Essay Writing

1. Descriptive Essays:

These should give description of things or processes, e.g. 
               Our College Library 
              A Rainy Day
              Spring in Lahore
              Such essays deal mainly with static objects or situations. 

2. Narrative Essays:

 There is movement in these essays. Events may be real or imaginary but they are narrated in a chronological order. Such essays are written in the manner of a report or a story, and the reader is always keen to know what happens next. Essays like
            A Railway Journey
           The Autobiography of a Shoe
           My first Day in College
come under this category.

3. Reflective Essays:

 These essays deal with ideas and opinions concerning a given topic. The ideas - may be controversial or conventional but they should be logically convincing. Arguments are employed and debated but ultimately a sound conclusion emerges. Essays on topics like,
         Students' Unions
         The Need for Educational Reforms
         Role of Women in Society
may be written in argumentative manner.
The above categories are for the general understanding of the students. In fact no strict compartmentalization is possible. Thus an essay on A BUSY STREET IN LAHORE may Contain: 
              I. The Descriptive Section in the presentation of the scene of that street, with all its shops and the nature of merchandise for sale. 
              II. The Narrative Part in giving details of any incidents, or events that happened there, and It is therefore advisable that the student should know the general nature of the essay, he is asked to write. He should accordingly give more space to the descriptive/narrative or reflective portions, as the :ease may be, but he should not entirely exclude the other sections.
             For the beginners, the adherence to the following rules should prove useful:
      1. A careful selection of the topic should be made, if the student has been given a number of choices.
      2. Average students should find it easy to write essays on topics concerning their own experiences and observations.
      3. Essays pertaining to scientific subjects,contemporary situations and historical events should be written only when the student is sure that he has the necessary factual knowledge.
      4. A rough outline of the essay should be made, rand later all important ideas should be discussed in the body of the essay in paragraphs of appropriate length.
      5. The essay should be concluded in such a manner that it gives the writer and the reader a sense of completion.
 The essays given in the following pages are meant for acquainting the student with the common topics set in the Board papers. Factual information on scientific processes and historical events has been provided for the general knowledge La the students. The art of essay-writing can be learnt by going through these essays but it is only through practical work that the students can achieve fluency of expression.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

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