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Sunday, 8 June 2014



            In the modern quarters of the city seeing a marriage part) going to the bride's house, or a five-star hotel is., not much fun'. You do not sec much of the groom4 and the marriage party as a it whizzes past you in motorcade. However, a marriage procession passing through a street in the older part of the city is a wonderful sight.
Essay Writing Of Marriage Procession by Alifye
Last Saturday while walking down a narrow street in the old city. I heard firecrackers7 exploding at a distance. Then came the sound of a drum, I did not know what to make of these sounds, but the people of the locality° did. In a few minutes the street was full of children. Some WOH1CLI came out of their houses and stood in little lanes on both sides of the street. People passing through the street slackened their pace. Then I knew what the bang of the firecrackers and the sound of the drum meant.
 A marriage procession was coming towards the street. As the noise of music and firecrackers grew louder, people moved to the sides of the street. Shopkeepers came out of their shops. Everybody waited to see the marriage procession.
At last the procession entered the street. At the head of the procession was a band with drums bagpipes and flutes. They wore colourful but rather shabby uniforms. The bandmaster with an ornamental staff in his hand strutted in front of his men.
Then came the marriage party. The bridegroom dressed in shalwar, qameez and achkan was sitting on a horse. His face was hidden behind a golden sehra. All around the horse were his relatives and friends, walking on foot. Some two hundred mar are guests followed.
The marriage procession went on at a leisurely pace's while women standing on rooftops and men and children lining-both sides of the street watched Ever), few minutes16, a near relative of the bridegroom would take a handful of coins from a bag and toss them in the air. Beggars and children laughing and shouting, would rush this way and that *ay to collect as many coins as they could.
The marriage procession took half an hour to reach the other end of the street and disappear round the comer, As the sound of music faded away the women on the rooftop went down to attend to their household work, and the crowed gathered in the street slowly melted away.



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