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Friday, 6 June 2014

A Good Citizen

A Good Citizen

         A person who is aware of his duties and rights in his society is a good citizen. He Knows That he is member of a group with which he is associated by thousand and one ties. He realizes that he should live in harmony with other members of the society.
Essay Writing A Good Citizen by Alifye
        Man cannot live without a society. He cannot live alone. He must live with his fellow human beings. But living in society means co-operation with other members of that society. When you live in a Society you have to live as others live. You have to accept the conditions and traditions that a society prescribes for its members. These conditions and standards of behavior are for the common good and welfare of the society and individuals. Society gives you some rights and some duties.
         A good citizen does his best to do his duty to the society. He always keeps in view the interests of his society and state. He lives a clean and honest life. He keeps away from such activities as may harm the interests of his fellow citizens.
         A good citizen is aware of the fact that he is indebted to his society in many ways. He knows that he labbour and work of countless persons have enriched his life. His life, to a very great extent, depends on others. He has received much in material and spiritual benefits from others. It is only just and right that he should pay his debts.
         How does a good citizen pay his debts to the society? By living a useful and fruitful life. He lives not for himself alone. He lives for others. He pays his taxes. He take keen interest in the affairs of his state. He does not live in isolation. He is not selfish. He is tolerant and kind and virtuous.



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