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Friday, 6 June 2014

A Hiking Trip

A Hiking Trip

Hiking means a walking tour for pleasure, especially hi the countryside'. It is the best way of enjoying nature. In our country, the hills are popular resorts for hiking, because there you see nature in all its beauty. Last year in summer, I had a chance to go on a hiking trip' in the company of sonic friends.
Essay Writing about Hiking Trip By Alifye
 It was the second week of June. The monsoon had not yet set in. We planned a cross-country` walk in the Murree Hills. We made necessary preparations' and reached Murree by bus, and spent the night there.
Early in the morning we got up, collected our things and set out. The sky was clear blue, and the morning was pleasant. Soon we were out of the town. The road suddenly ended on the top of a hill, and a- small narrow trace led downward windng5 through tall, graceful pines6. The green turf'' was under our feet and the pine branches rustled over our heads.
The sun had risen and. its rays fell on the earth where the trees were not thick. It was a pleasure to walk, for we were in no hurry. The scene was glorious, and the morning quiet and cool. We were speechless with wonder and delight. We walked leisurely9 wherever that winding path led us, up and down the hills.
About midday, we reached- an open space among the trees and suddenly a gentle breeze blew in. our faces. It was cool and brought with it a soft murmuring sound. A few steps further, we came upon a spring. The clear water spurted ° from the earth and ran down the slope rippling sparkling" in the sun. I had never before seen such a delightful scene.

We sat down on the soft grass near the spring. One of my companions brought out his camera and took many photographs. We were tired and hungry now. So we unpacked our lunch. As we finished eating, a gentle drowsiness overcame us and we fell asleep.
It was 4 o'clock when we woke hour later, we reached the narrow valley below. There storehouses. As we reached near a house, a sheepdog sudden and stood in our way. It barked rather threateningly now I never trust dogs, though wise people say that barking dogs seldom bite. But who knows when a dog will stop barking and start biting! So I. was. And so did my friends.
Now it was the turn of children. They came and stared at us until and elderly man came out of a house and scared them away. He was good and hospitable.
We stayed the night in that village and returned to Murree the next morning.



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