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Saturday, 7 June 2014



            Last summer, I decided to spend my summer vacation with my uncle at Karachi. After a good deal of persuasion' my father agreed to give me sufficient' money for the journey. I had fears that he 'might reconsider his decision. So the moment he agreed, I packed my clothes and a few text books and went to the station.
Essay Writing about A Journey by Train by Alifye
The train had arrived. I bought a lower class ticket and ran to the platform. A porter' was kind enough to push me into a compartment through a window. The door had been besieged' by a crowd of passengers who were pushing each other all over the platform.
After paying the porter, I looked around the compartment. It was full to capacity. Some people were standing. Among them I found an old friend of mine. In the school he was well known for picking quarrels with everyone who happened to be near him. While we were greeting each other, the train whistled and began to move.
Once again I searched-the compartment to find a vacant seat. On one berth there were only three men. They had piled' their luggage on it, too. I asked my friend that if the luggage was removed, we could comfortably sit there. He said that he would not ask them to remove their things, because they had helped him to enter the compartment.
I took out a magazine and tried to read it. But I could not read it. I was tired. My clothes were wet with perspiration'. There were four fans in the compartment but no breath of air reached me. I put my head out of a window-and a gust9 of burning air slapped'0 my face. I withdrew my head. The prospect of a long uncomfortable journey depressed' me. I cursed the time when I had thought of going to Karachi.
By now I was desperate and ready to pick a quarrel with the devil himself. I walked up to the berth with only three men on it. Without saying anything, I picked up their suit-cases and thrust them under the seat. "What are you doing?" one of them shouted. "It is not your luggage." me another was sitting on But by that time you are right, that is not my luggage. I beckoned that is not my friend sat clown beside me. The three gentlemen did not ask me another question.
The sun had set, and the train had reached Rohri. I opened and invited toy friend and the three gentlemen to share my dinner.

They readily accepted and unpacked their own dinner baskets, too. All of us enjoyed the meal. I was feeling sleepy, so I put my head on the back of the berth, and stretched my legs. Before long, I was fast asleep. It was broad daylight when, my friend shook me roughly and said we were reaching Karachi in a few minutes.



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