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Monday, 16 June 2014



Essay Writing About A Picnic by Alifye
Last month my cousin came from Karachi, He was very eager to see the beautiful places of Lahore. I thought that a visit to the beautiful Moghal gardens, Shalamar, would be an excellent beginning to the sights seeing tour' of Lahore. I invited two of my friends, and one fine morning we went to the garden. We had packed a big lunch basket. My friend Shafique had his violin with him. On our way we bought some fruit and ice-cream from the bazar.
The sky was overcast, but not heavily. It was an ideal day for a Picnic. A gust' of cool and fresh air greeted us as we entered the main gate of the Shalamar gardens. A great number of picnickers were there. They had spread their carpets and mats all over the place and put their things there. Now they were walking in the garden. A large number of children were running about in every corner. Shouting and laughing and holding multi-colored  balloons in their hands.
After some time, we found a small lawn in a corner of the garden %Ouch vitas still unoccupied. So we put our things there. A garden watchman promised us to look after our things in our absence.
We strolled' about the garden. It was so beautifully laid out that we could not find words to express our admiration. The beautiful trees, especially the tall, graceful cypresses, the well-kept jawns, the typical Moghal fountains so different from the modern ones, and the different tiers of the garden cast a spell over us. My cousin from Karachi was tongues ties with delight. He had not seen anything like it in Karachi.
We were so absorbed° in the beauty of the garden that we forgot everything. A group of people eating their lunch- reminded us that we were hungry. We returned to the place where the garden watchman was guarding our things from birds etc. We thanked and invited him to share our lunch. He very gratefully accepted. –
 After lunch we thought that a little sleep would do us a lot of good. So we lay down on the grass and fell asleep. It was three o'clock when my cousin shook my shoulder. My friends were already up. I washed my face and poured some cold water on my head. Now I was fully awake.
My cousin wanted some tea. Our friend, the watchman, came to our help and brought us some very good tea. This put my cousin In high spirits. He asked Shafique to play his violin. Shafique did not wait for the. Second request, and played a beautiful tune'. All of us were spell bound’s'. Suddenly a peal of thunder"' broke the spell. The clouds were thick and low. Most of the people had left. We collected our things and rushed out of the garden. Fortunately, we found a taxicab at the gate. A memorable day had ended.



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