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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Essay Writing


An essay, which an Intermediate student is expected to write, is a brief composition piece which aims at providing information on any given topic, or revealing the ideas of the writer on a specific problem. Essays may be, broadly, classified under the following three categories.

Essay Writing

1. Descriptive Essays:

These should give description of things or processes, e.g. 
               Our College Library 
              A Rainy Day
              Spring in Lahore
              Such essays deal mainly with static objects or situations. 

2. Narrative Essays:

 There is movement in these essays. Events may be real or imaginary but they are narrated in a chronological order. Such essays are written in the manner of a report or a story, and the reader is always keen to know what happens next. Essays like
            A Railway Journey
           The Autobiography of a Shoe
           My first Day in College
come under this category.

3. Reflective Essays:

 These essays deal with ideas and opinions concerning a given topic. The ideas - may be controversial or conventional but they should be logically convincing. Arguments are employed and debated but ultimately a sound conclusion emerges. Essays on topics like,
         Students' Unions
         The Need for Educational Reforms
         Role of Women in Society
may be written in argumentative manner.
The above categories are for the general understanding of the students. In fact no strict compartmentalization is possible. Thus an essay on A BUSY STREET IN LAHORE may Contain: 
              I. The Descriptive Section in the presentation of the scene of that street, with all its shops and the nature of merchandise for sale. 
              II. The Narrative Part in giving details of any incidents, or events that happened there, and It is therefore advisable that the student should know the general nature of the essay, he is asked to write. He should accordingly give more space to the descriptive/narrative or reflective portions, as the :ease may be, but he should not entirely exclude the other sections.
             For the beginners, the adherence to the following rules should prove useful:
      1. A careful selection of the topic should be made, if the student has been given a number of choices.
      2. Average students should find it easy to write essays on topics concerning their own experiences and observations.
      3. Essays pertaining to scientific subjects,contemporary situations and historical events should be written only when the student is sure that he has the necessary factual knowledge.
      4. A rough outline of the essay should be made, rand later all important ideas should be discussed in the body of the essay in paragraphs of appropriate length.
      5. The essay should be concluded in such a manner that it gives the writer and the reader a sense of completion.
 The essays given in the following pages are meant for acquainting the student with the common topics set in the Board papers. Factual information on scientific processes and historical events has been provided for the general knowledge La the students. The art of essay-writing can be learnt by going through these essays but it is only through practical work that the students can achieve fluency of expression.



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