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Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Football Match


Last Sunday, in went to Lahore to see the final Match of the District Football tournament. It was played between the young men’s club and the City Stars' Club. Both the teams were strong, and had won all of their matches in the tournament easily. A large crowd had come to witness the Match. They hoped to see a thrilling game of the highest quality,
Essay Writing Football Match by Alifye
A few minutes before 5-30, and the players entered the field. The Youngman's were in maroon jersies and white shorts while the Stars war blue shirts with white shorts. They took up their positions in the Field.
At 5-30 the referee whistled, and the game started. As soon as the ball was kicked off the forwards of both the sides burst into action. The match started at a fast pace. Both sides made all efforts to get control of the bail. The City Stars made some Very good and threatening moves but their rivals were vigilant' and fast.
A few minutes after the start, Stars' center-forward Yameen received a beautiful cross from the outside-left and with a powerful shot sent the ball to the Youngman's goal. But the goalkeeper foiled the attempt. The Stars continued making combined moves but the Youngman’s defenders proved equal to the task. No team could score a goal in the first half.
After the half-time, the Youngman played an aggressive' game. In the first half they had been content' to defend, but now they decided to attack. Their forwards displayed superb control over the ball and completely dominated their opponents.
Just after the interval Youngmen's centre forward Rafique dribbled past the Statrs deep defenders and rushed towards the goal. He moved with such speed that the goalkeeper could not move his little finger before the ball was in the net. A few minutes later, he again rushed through the Stars's defence and scored another goal. By this time the Stars were demoralized. The Youngmen continued combined moves. They entertained the crowd with their fast game and short passes. They netted three more goals in a row.
Some Ten minutes before the close of the match, the City Stars Made desperate efforts to fight back. Their centre forward sent a pass to the inside-right who second his team's first goal. But the Youngmen were active once again. This time it was their captain who displayed fine from. He Scored two goals for his side. just before the final whistle.
The Youngmen's Club won the match by seven goals to one.



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