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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal Or Our National Poet

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal Or Our National Poet

Essay Writing about Uses Of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal Or Our National Poet By Alifye
     Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal is not only the poet of the east bu he is also our national poet. He was born at Sialkot on 9th of November 1977 in a religious family. His father, Sheikh Noor Muhammad, also had a deep inclination towards mysticism. Therefore, Alama Iqbal also inherited this great things from his father. he got his early education from Mission High School and also did his Matriculation from there. Then, he went to Lahore and got admission in Govt. College and did M.A. in Philosophy and then went abroad and did his Ph.D from Germany.
     He returned to his country and began to write poems and novels. His Poetry carries the message of Islam. He also wrote many poems for the children. His verses below a new spirit in the Indian Muslims. He was a great thinker and intellectual. Our Great leader, Quaid-e-Azam respected him and honoured his opinions. But he could not live long to see Pakistan and died on 21th April 1938. He was buried near Badshahi Mosque, Lahore. May his soul rest in peace. Amin.

A Good Muslim Or A Good Person

     A good Muslim is one by whose hands and tongue, the other Muslim or his brother is safe. Such Muslim is a true Muslim and a very good person too. He Prays five times a day. He acts upon the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He never tells a lie. He is always ready to serve the suffering humanity. He always tries to seek the bliss of Allah. He shares sorrows of others. He feels a strange happiness when he helps others. Success lies under his feet.
     He is very polite in his manners. He does not fear anyone but Allah. He always speaks the truth. He is very kind and sympathetic to others. He is always busy in the service of mankind. He always fulfils his promises. He never hurts anyone. He always obeys his elders and teachers. He also respects his parents and treats the children kindly. He is a Sociable person. So, to be successful in our life and to be a good person, we should act upon the principals and the teaching of Islam.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Uses Of Knowledge Or Knowledge is Power

     Knowledge means seek information from someone or something else.It is knowledge that makes the man "The crown of the creation." It is the knowledge again that man has been given a greater status than the angels. All the progress in the world is mainly due to knowledge. Our beloved Holly Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said. "Seek knowledge weather you have to go to China." He (PBUH) also said, "Seek knowledge from cradle to grave."
     Knowledge is an imperishable wealth. It does not decrease by sharing but it increase on sharing. No thief can take it away from anyone. Through knowledge, a man can recognize his Creator. Knowledge teaches us to distinguish between the good and the evil. So, Knowledge can make us eternal in this world.

Health Is Wealth

Health Is Wealth

Essay Writing about Health is Wealth By Alifye
     It is a common saying that "Health Is Wealth". It means that if a man is in good health then he can conquer the world. He takes pain in every job. On the other hand, if a man is not sound in health then he can never carry out any job properly. So, in order to remain fit and fine mentally and physically, we should take light exercise and make it a part of our life.
     Exercise strengthens our body parts and it makes them agile and active round the clock. Our diet also becomes the part of our body. It also gives us energy to work for the whole day. He who takes exercise regularly, remains fit. On the other hand, A person who is sluggish and does not take exercise, he often remains ill. So, in order to remain hale and healthy mentally and physically. we should exercise regularly.

Autobiography of An Old Shoe

     I have a Strange history behind my worn-out condition. Long ago, I was a part of the skin of a beautiful cow that grazed happily in a green posture. She became old and was slaughtered and skinned by a butcher. It was a very painful moment for me. The skin was salted and dried. It was sold as hide and was treated in a tannery with chemical. Now I took the shape of soft bright leather.
     I lay in a god own for a couple of months. one day a man purchased me as well as some other pieces of bright leather. He took us to his factory which prepared shoes. His workers cut us into various pieces. We were made to pass through different machines till i became a shoe with a made to pass through different  machines till I became a shoe with a beautiful heel, a sole and a toe. I along with another of my shape and size, was packed in a cardboard box and dumped into a big god-own.
     A Shoe merchant purchased us and we found our way to his shop. We lay there for a few days. One day when customers came we were brought out and tried on their feet. But for some days bargain could not be struck because our master demanded more than the customers offered. One day a man came to the shop. He selected us paid the price, and took us home.
     He was a rich man. We moved on carpets and clean marble floors and traveled in comfortable motor cars. We were polished by his servant daily. Our owner had many pairs of shoes. So he used us rarely. Most of the days we lay on a shelf. I was anxious to travel abroad but there was no hope so long as he possessed us.
     After a few months our master gave us to one of his servants. In the beginning he polished us daily and wore us throughout the day. I was happy because I had a chance to see the world around me. But my happiness was shortlived. I felt tired by too much us. Now the brightness of my face was gone. My body was disfigured. 
     One day we were lying in the courtyard of my owner's house.Suddenly a dog came up to us. He sniffed at my companion.lifted him with his teeth, and quietly went away. I was left alone, since then I have been lying in a corner weeping at my miserable condition.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Autobiography Of A Rupee

Autobiography Of A Rupee

Essay Writing about Autobiography Of A Rupee By Alifye
     I have a shining appearance with beautiful inscriptions on my sides. But I had not been the same always. I have a strange history.
     Once I was a part of a metal buried deep into the earth. It was dug up by the miners and sent to a factory with big furnaces. It was heated till it turned into a liquid. In this process it became pure and lustrous. The liquid was poured into dies and shaped into billets.
     One day these billets were taken to a mint. Here again they were melted into a liquid and mixed with some other metals. This mixture was then poured into dies to form small round pieces. These pieces were stamped on both sides with a die. Now these pieces had become rupees. I was one of them. Soon after I along with hundreds of my companions, was put into a steel box, locked and sealed carefully, and sent to the State Bank of Pakistan.
     I remained there. shut up in the box, for a few days. One day I felt that the box was being loaded into a truck. Thus i reached a bank where the box was opened and all of us were counted one by one. We were put into the strong room of the bank Late, I was transferred to the safe of the treasurer.
     A businessman got me from the treasurer and gave me to his servant. The servant gave me to a fruit seller who spent me on a cinema ticket. The proprietor of the picture house got me the same evening. He gave me to the booking clerk at the railway station to buy a ticket. The booking clerk gave me to a villager who took me home and dropped me into an earthen pot fixed securely in a wall.
     It was bad luck for me. I kept lying in that horribly dark and small pot for a number of months. I being a new shining coin, was liked by the villager. He would not part with me. However, when I lost some of my lustre, the villager lost his fondness for me. He gave me to a cloth merchant who put me in his safe. In the evening e closed the shop and went home.
     At night, some thieves broke into the shop and made away with the earnings of the cloth dealer. I too was taken away by robbers. But in a hurry, they dropped me on the roadside. I am still lying there waiting to be picked up by someone and start on my travels once again.

Autobiography of A Library Book

     My birth took place a printing press but I was lying there in pieces. A book-binder performed some painful operations on my scattered limbs. He used needles and threads and applied glue, and gave me the form of a book. A very attractive dust cover was wrapped around me and I was sent to a book-seller along with many of my sisters.
     The book-seller kept me in a shelf but before I could know of my surrounding. I was handed over at the counter to an old man who happened to be the librarian of a college. A number  of other books and I were tied together with a rope. It gave me pain but I could do nothing.
     The librarian brought me to his college where his assistant released me from the bondage. I heaved a sigh of relief but the very next moment. I found myself naked. The dust cover which was my outer garment, was removed by the assistant and thrown aside. A heavy hammer fell on me and left its mark on me. Later, I came to know that it was a rubber stamp which had left its mark on me. I was to live with this mark for the rest of my life.
     But the tale of my misery does not end here. I was given to a number of readers who did not treat me well. A student took me one day and began walking home. When it started raining on the way he covered spoiled. Another student left me out in the open compound of his house in the scorching heat of June.
     Soon the freshness of my appearance had faded away and I was no more beautiful and attractive. A young urchin who happened to be the brother of a student who had taken me out of the college library, tore away many of my beautiful photographs. Another studious boy disfigured me with his pen by underlining scores of lines in every chapter.He spilled his ink-pot over my face and I could never rub off this mark of shame.
     Of course I have had admirers. My first reader was a professor who touched me with reverence and handled me most delicately. He showed me to his friend and talked about me in a flattering tone. I remember a student whom I met two years ago. I was in a hopeless condition and many of my pages had become loose. He spent full one hour in gluing the loose page together and smoothing out the folds. But such readers were very few.
     My last readers was a very mischievous student. He took me home and applied scissors to my body. He cut many pages out of my body. He wanted to make use of these in the examination hall. It was perhaps due to my cursing him that he failed. But when the result was declared he came down upon me and threw me, with many other books, on the floor. His mother rescued us, otherwise the had made up his mind to burn us.
     When i was taken back to the library, the clerk refused to accept me. The student was fined but this was no consolation to me. I was put in a store with other torn and disfigured books and journals.
     One day a waste-paper dealer bought me and gave me to a shop-keeper. I am now lying near his feet. Whenever a customer comes, he tears away a page of mine to wrap pepper, chilies and other spices. I am dying in installments. But I am not afraid of death. All living and lifeless things have to die one day. I am satisfied with my life. I have not lived long, but i am happy that i have given some profit and pleasure to many.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Atomic Energy for Peace And Prosperity

     Atomic Energy can be used in many ways and for many purposes. It can be used for bringing peace and prosperity to this world. It can also be used to destroy this earth and its inhabitants. It can perform miracles for us if only we have the wisdom to ask for them.
     Today, Atomic energy produces electricity for use on earth and in space. This electric power is produced by nuclear reactors. A nuclear reactor is an advanced type of furnace or a machine which uses uranium or some other atomic fuel to produce heat. This heat is then converted into electricity. 
     At present electricity produced by atomic energy is not as cheap as that obtained through conventional means. But as the nuclear reactors become more efficient and economical, they will be able to produce electricity at the less cost. It is hoped that in future huge amounts of electricity will be provided by the nuclear reactors.
     It is not electricity alone that we can get form the atom. The reactors also make radio-isotopes. These radio-isotopes emit radiation. They are used in agriculture, medicine and industry. The radio-isotope is often called the silent servant of man.
     Today more than thirty different radio-isotopes are used for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Many dreadful diseases like cancer are being successfully treated with radio-isotopes.
     In agriculture, radio-isotopes are playing a very important part in producing better crops. With the help of radio-isotopes food can be stored for a long time, without the danger of damage or deterioration. 
     In industry, radio-isotopes are used in a thousand ways to improve the quality of goods.
     The research on atomic energy is going on. In future many new peaceful uses of this energy will be found. The day is not far off when atomic energy will be used in the space ships, the aircraft, the sea ships, the railway trains and so many other things.

Atomic Energy

Atomic Energy

Essay Writing about Atomic Energy By Alifye
     The use of atomic energy promises vast possible for the mankind. In the beginning of this century, Einstein advanced the theory that matter is energy is matter an each may be converted into the other. He said that the atom contained vast stores of energy that may be used in a thousand ways.
     The problem was how to tame the atom and obtain and use its energy. In 1938 Hahn and strassmann succeeded in splitting the nucleus of and atom of Uranium. Later, it was found that the process of splitting the atom released enormous amounts of energy. Then on 2nd December, 1942 scientists succeeded in obtaining the first self sustaining nuclear chain reaction.
     Today's reactors which obtain energy from the atom are not very efficient machines. They harness only a fraction of the total energy available in the atom. Even this energy which is actually obtained from the atom is enormous. It is estimated that energy in one pound of uranium is equivalent to that of three million pounds of coal.
     The research in the mysteries of the atom is going on in many countries of the world. It is hoped that before long better and more efficient reactors will be built. These will be able to obtain atomic energy at an economical cost. Atoms provide compact form of fuel which provides a vast amount of energy and it also lasts longer.
     Atomic energy can be used in many ways and for many purposes. It can be used to bring peace and prosperity to the whole of this earth. It can also be used to destroy this world and its inhabitants. It can do anything. It can perform miracles if we ave the power and wisdom to use it only for peaceful purposes. If we do not possess that much wisdom, man has not many years to live on this earth.

An Industrial Exhibition

An Industrial Exhibition

Essay Writing about An Industrial Exhibition By Alifye
     It was the opening day of All-Pakistan Industrial Exhibition. The Central Park was brightly lit. Men laughed at the top of their voice, women gigged with joy, and children yelled at each other. Loudspeakers blared out popular film songs. An old and sick lion in the circus-tent tried to roar now and then.
     The Exhibition had been widely advertised. Thousands of people ha come to see it. They must have been disappointed. There was not much to see.
     Industrial exhibitions are held to advertise the progress of industry. They prove very useful and popular as a means of education and recreation. But this exhibition had nothing new or remarkable to show the visitors. Most of the things on show could be seen in any shopping centre of the town. Even these things were not exhibited in and attractive way. Almost all of the stalls were ugly. They seemed more suitable for storing rather then exhibition things.
     The first thing that attracted me was a huge map of Pakistan. It was a really beautiful thing. On the right of this map, there was a tube-well engine. A number of children stood there. They wanted to know ho it worked. But there was no one at hand to answer their questions.
     Next to it, an tin-shed exhibited a dozen bicycles. Their paint had chipped off. No one was interested in them. A few young men stood there and advised the passersby not to buy those cycles. They said that they had bought cycles of that make but, within a year or so, had to sell them to the junk dealer.
     Then there was some two dozen cloth shops. Their show cases exhibited the same varieties of cloth as one sees in the Anarkali. Their prices were as exorbitant as ever.
     The stall of the Irrigation Department was very well designed. Large models of new projects were on show. Two well informed experts were there to explain the details of those models. P.W.R stall had a number of train. models run by electricity. The taxidermist's stall was the most attractive one. A Large number of children and grown ups stood there looking at the stuffed birds and animals. now and then a small boy prevailed upon his father to buy him some bird. The women crowded before the bangle sellers shops. It appeared that they had come to the exhibition only to buy bangles.
     Almost all the big firms manufacturing soaps, creams and cigarettes had their stalls in the exhibition. They offered big prizes including cars, scooters, radios to their customers on lucky coupons. People were buying these things in large quantities. There were many other shops and stalls but they dis not have anything of interest.

An Air Battle

Essay Writing about An Air Battle By Alifye
     It was the fourth day of the September 65 War by that time we had become used to the screaming noise of the aircraft. The Indian Jet bombers came frequently circled over the town and left hurriedly. It was seldom that they had the courage to drop their bombs, because the PAF fighters were always in the air to engage them.
     That day I had gone to the railway station to receive a friend. It was about eleven o' clock. The train had not come. I went to the station master's office. He had a transistor radio by his side. It was time for the news broadcast. He switched on the radio. The news was exciting. PAF Jets had downed fourteen Indian bombers that morning. We felt very happy. In the meantime, the train had arrived. I welcomed my friend and told him the latest news.
     As we come out of the station. we heard the roar of the aircraft. We looked up Four planes had appeared in the sky. They had come form the eastern side. "Indian bombers" I told my friend. Two of them dived low. Before they could unload their bombs, two aircraft came roaring from the west. These were the PAF Sabres.
     Suddenly the air was filled with the thud thud of machine guns. The aircraft dived, climbed, turned and chased each other. The Indian Planes cam lower and lower. A PAD Fighter followed as if it were glued to their tails. Suddenly the air was filled with the sound of bullets. One of the Indian Planes burst into flames. The second one turned abruptly and headed east. But the other PAF Sabre was chasing it like a bloodhound. In a few seconds it was in flames an crashed to the ground. The other two Indian aircraft had disappeared.
     The sky was calm and silent as before. The fight had ended in joy and excitement. Then someone began to run towards the burning aircraft. All of us followed.
     In half an hour we reached the place where the two Indian planes burned a few furlongs apart from each other. The IAF marking on their tails was still visible. Broken and twisted pieces of metal were scattered all around. We took a few pieces as souvenirs and went home. There we learned that the remaining two Indian planes had been shot down by ground fire. three miles away from the town. 
     Our Air Force and Army had once again proved their superiority.

Friday, 22 January 2016


Essay Writing about Advertisement By Alifye
     The word 'Advertisement' means to bring something to the public attention. In our times advertisement has become a big business. There are scores of large companies, employing thousands of writers and artists and other experts, that specialize in the field of advertising. There firms design and write advertisements and mange publicity campaigns for everything from a toothpaste to an aeroplane. They do their work so thoroughly that a city dweller cannot ignore advertisements as long as he is awake.
     Early in the morning when you open a newspaper a lady showing all her teeth advises you to use a particular brand of toothpaste. another young woman tells you that her beautiful complexion is the gift of this or that toilet soap. The film advertisements with scantily dressed women cover many full pages of almost all the newspapers.
     When you switch on you radio set, you are again at the mercy of the advertisers. If you ride a bus or walk along the road. you are not away from the advertisement,s Go anywhere enter a cinema hall a restaurant, a railway station, dozens and dozens of advertisement are all around you. Even in the darkness of night, you cannot look towards the horizon without finding blazing of night neon signs everywhere.
     The TV has become the most powerful medium of advertising. Even the news bulletins are punctuated with half a dozen advertisements. Almost all the programs are sponsored by advertisers. Sometimes one feels that TV has sold its soul to the advertisers.
     Millions and millions of rupees are spent every year on advertising. The manufacturers of cosmetics, cigarettes, clothes and medicines spend huge sums of money on the publicity of their products.
     Advertisement are in a way useful. They keep the public informed about the products. It is also claimed that advertisements help improve the standard of things they introduce and promote. It is supposed that a firm which has spent million of rupees on the publicity of its products will constantly try to improve them in order to retain its reputation. But the millions of rupees spent on advertising add to the prices of things. In the last analysis it is the consumer who pays the price of advertisements.

A Walk In The Moonlight

A Walk In The Moonlight

Essay Writing about A Walk in The Moonlight By Alifye
     It is natural that man should love beauty for beauty brings lasting happiness. If there were no beauty on this earth, it would have been a dull place. If there were no joy in human life, it would have been an unbearable burden.
     All of us wish to live a peaceful and satisfy life. Money and worldly success are very sweet things. But real happiness comes from simple ordinary things that do not cost a penny a bright red rose a sweet melody the glory of sunrise and the quiet magic of moonlight. These are sources of enduring joy.
     The moon is an enchantress. She fascinates the waters of the sea, and she captivates human beings. The soft and cool moonlight has strange power over the human mind and heart. It inspires the imagination. It awakens the poet that lies asleep in the soul of every man. It lends beauty and charm to things which appear ordinary under the strong light of the blazing sun.
     As the moon rises in the sky, a powerful desire takes hold of you. As the moonlight falls on you, something stirs in your soul. Like a man under a spell, you rise and walk out of the house. The moon calls you and you cannot refuse, cannot resist. And before you are aware of it, you have reached the riverside.
     The din and noise of the city has been left behind. You have forgotten your cares, yours worries. Everything has gone into background. Everything has lost its reality. Only the moon is real. Only the magic of its rays is real. Only the rippling water of the river is real. The river now is not a stretch of colourless water. It is a river of bright liquid silver flowing softly, gently towards the horizon to meet the moon.
     A breath of air brings you the heady scent of red roses. You walk on and presently you reach the rose bushes growing wildly by the river side. The flowers are before your eyes, and an abiding joy is in your heart for the roses never looked so beautiful. Even that thorny cactus by the river has become a thing of beauty and grace. You stand there and your eyes linger on the landscape bathed in the beauty of the moonlight.
     Somewhere a bird flaps his wings. A sound of music comes to your ears. Someone is playing on his flute. Old memories awakes in your mind. Past joys and sorrows mingle with the present happiness.

A Visit To A Hospital

A Visit To A Hospital

Essay Writing about A Visit to a Hospital By Alifye
     One of my friends is a doctor at a local hospital. Once I went to see him during his duty-hours. He was going on his daily round in the hospital. So I accompanied him as he visited patient after after patient, from one ward to another.
     It was a small hospital. It had three wards, one for male patients, one for female patients and one for children. The doctor being male was to visit only the first and the third ward.
     As we entered the first ward. I saw some thirty beds arranged opposite to each other with a passage between them. Men lying on them wore striped clothes. My doctor friend stopped at the first bed. The poor fellow had broken his leg in a motor accident. The Bandaged part of the leg indicated the place of injury. He complained to the doctor of severe pain. The doctor told the nurse on duty to five him aspirine, and moved to the next bed. This person had a serious stomach trouble for which he had to be operated upon. He was, however, recovering fast. The next two patients were asleep so the doctor inquired from the nurse of their condition.
     In about forty-five minutes, the doctor had examined each patient and gave instructions in each case. My friend must have been very humane in treating his patients, for I saw that almost all of them welcomed him with a cheerful, confident smile. But I knew that behind these smiles was hidden bitter pain and heartrending misery. that day I realized how helpless man could be before disease. These were those who had sore eyes. those who had fractured arms, those who suffered from small pox typhoid and cancer.
     Then we entered the children's ward. I was grieved to see the little boys and girls suffering from fever, typhoid and other such diseases. The doctor took thirty minutes to complete his round. I kept on looking, in the meantime, at the innocent faces. Some of the small boys and girls, were crying in pain, some were sleeping while others were eating the sweets their parents had brought for them. A few of them were reading story books.
     I spent about one hour and a half in the hospital. But I did not think I had wasted the time. On the contrary, I had perhaps for the first time seen a tragic but real aspect of human life. that day I understood why it is vain to be proud and haughty. Man is great no doubt but he is also helpless. And the expressions I observed on the patients faces! They remembered Allah in their trouble, repented their sins and implored the Almighty to have mercy on them. I felt as if this experience had renewed my faith in Allah.
     As I came out of the hospital, I had a feeling that I had been changed form within. I felt sympathy for the suffering men and children and I realized the helplessness of man. The visit to the hospital taught me the lesson of humility which I could not have learn otherwise.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Samsung Galaxy Grand Max

Samsung Galaxy Grand Max

Specs & Features
Display:         PS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, Multi touch
                      5.25 inches (~68.6% screen to body ratio), 720 x 1280 pixels (~282 ppi pixel density)
Dimension:   146 x 74.8 x 7.9 mm
Weight:         161g
OS:               Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat)
Battery:       2500 MAH
Memory:     16GB built-in, 1.5GB RAM, Micro SD card (supports up to 64GB)

Connectivity: Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, EDR, LE, USB (microUSB v2.0),  
WLAN (Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot), 
GPRS, EDGE, 3G (HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps), 4G (LTE Cat4 150/50 Mbps)

Entertainment: FM Radio, 3.5mm audio jack, MP4/WMV/H.264 player /WAV/EAAC+/FLAC player, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa integration, Games (built-in + downloadable)

Camera: 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, touch focus, face/smile detection, HDR, panorama, Video (1080p@30fps), 2ndry 5 MP, 1080p 

3G Band: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 

4G Band: LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 

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