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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A Soldier's Profession

A Soldier's Profession

Essay Writing about A Soldier's Profession By Alifye
A Soldier's life is a life of dedication and sacrifice. It is a hard, tough and difficult life no doubt, but it is also most rewarding and fruitful.
The independence of a country depend its frontiers. This responsibility of defending the freedom of One's country is a great responsibility. And the men who are entrusted with this, should be men of highest quality. Only those persons can discharge this sacred duty who are always prepared for meeting all sorts of dangers and challenges.
In our times, war has become a very complex activity which calls for special qualities and skills in those who take part in it. A soldier is a highly skilled and trained person who follows the demands of his profession with devotion and single mindedness. A Soldier has to be fit and alert both in body and mind. Thank God, we have one of the best armies in the world.
The standards of selection in the Pakistan Army are very high. The training is long, tough and thorough. The young men who come from all the part of the country have to undergo hard training. Those who fall short of the required standard are soon discharged from the Armed Forces. Those who successfully complete the initial training are given further training in special branches.
In fact, the training of a soldier never ends. The science of war is always changing; everyday new weapons are being made and new tactics are being developed. A Soldier has to be in constant training in order to be a good soldier.
This is why the Pakistani soldier is among the best in the world, for him his profession is a sacred mission. This was brilliantly demonstrated by our armed forces in the war with India when our soldiers were called upon to fight a five times bigger army.



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