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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A Village Barber

A Village Barber

Essay Writing about A Village Barber By Alifye
Life in a city is busy and active. Hardly any one gives importance to such person as the postman and the barber. It is not so in a village. There, Leaving aside the landlord, the barber is the most important person.
A Village has a small population where nearly all know one another and barbers, being very few, are known to everybody. But a village barber is distinguished not because he is well known but because he performs certain functions that are considered important in village life.
He is no doubt, a professional who knows his trade very well Villagers come to him to have their hair cut and their beards shaved. But getting one's hair dressed by him is no dull affair. He is a good conservationist. He knows how to amuse his customers with jokes, maxims and anecdotes. He is well aware of the incidents Happening in his and the neighboring villages are not hidden from him.
He usually sits in the village centre, Daira, Where men of all types gather and express their opinions, discuss matters, and exchange gossip. Thus he knows almost every thing one can think of about the village and its people. He can be rightly called the village encyclopedia.
Usually, he is the unofficial surgeon and physician of the village. He is not necessarily a quack though very often he is. But the surprising thing is that the villagers have full faith in him. He is considered to be an expert at setting the broken bones, and his famous ointment for boils and wounds is said to be extremely effective. He knows something about herbs and he uses his limited knowledge wisely. At times, his little learning may prove dangerous.
He plays a prominent part on ceremonial occasions on the occasion of a marriage, he has complete charge of cooking business. If he is a good cook, and there is no reason why he should not be he receives a handsome payment for his services. The rites of circumcising a newly born boy are performed by him. Sometinges he himself starts the process that culminates in marriage ceremonies. He has accurate information about the marriageable youths of the village and acts as a match maker. If his suggested matches are accepted by the parties, he is sure to get a good reward.
The duties and performance of a village barber make him indispensable for the villagers. Every village needs his services. He humours every one and is liked by all.



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