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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A Village Fair

A Village Fair

Essay Writing about A Village Fair By Alifye
     Fairs are the most popular form of entertainment in the country side. People who work hard in their field all the year round certainly need and deserve some rest and recreation. It is a fair provides them relief from hard work, and brings them an opportunity to enjoy themselves to their heart's content. They forget their cares, leave their daily labour and throw themselves in the fun and frolic of a fair. Children and women are especially fond of fairs. For them it means that there will be shops, entertainments, and perhaps a theater.
     Fairs have become a characteristic part of rural life some are held to celebrate the memory of some saints others are associated with the seasons.
     I remember going to a fair when I was a boy of fourteen. I still have clear memories of that glorious time. It was held at a place half way between our village and the nearby town.
     One morning my friends and I left our homes and took the road to the fair. We were still at a distance when we heart the beat drums and the chime. of bells. We quickened our pace and in a short time reached the fair ground.
     What a sight it was! We found ourselves in a bid crowd of people, all in their best colourful clothes. They were in high spirits. They laughed and shouted, sang and danced. None was standing still; all were moving as if they wanted to see everything in the fair as quickly as possible.
     The sweetmeat seller's stall attracted a large group of people. They were shouting their orders at the top of their voices. As soon as they got what they wanted, they were on the move again.
     The children crowded round a toy seller who sat on the ground with his toys spread before him. He was announcing the names of the toys and their prices in a singsong voice. A little further there was a merry go juggler was showing his tricks.
     While we stood there, we heard a loud shout, "Come one, come all-- see the wonder of wonders, half man half monster -- come and see." We turned round and saw the announcer standing before a tent. We went in and saw the wonder of wonders.
     In the evening there were games -- Kabaddi, wrestling, and races. As the contestants matched their skill and strength in the arena, their supporters shouted and encouraged them. When the games ended the Chairman of the District Council gave away the prizes.
     It was almost night when we returned home we were tired and dusty but we were happy.



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