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Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Vist To A Big City

A Visit To A Big City

Essay Writing about A Visit to a Big City By Alifye
     Last winter we, a group of ten student, went to Karachi. Our college hand arranged this tour. Our Professor, Mr. Naeem Hassan, was in-charge of the party. All of us had looked forward to this tour. We had not seen Karachi, but had heard from people that it was a wonderful city. In particular we were very eager to see the ocean.
     It was the 25th of December when we left Lahore by train. The journey was long. The winter was more severe than usual. But we were happy, and the long slow journey did not dampen our high spirits.Next day we reached Karachi late in the afternoon. We went straight to the Boy on our way to the Hostel we had our first view of Karachi.
     The very first thing we noticed was that the roads were very wide. The traffic was much greater than that we had seen in Lahore. The number of cars we saw on the roads indicated the prosperity of the city. The buildings were really palatial. On reaching the Hostel we felt tired. We decided to spend the evening quietly in our rooms.
     Next Day, early in the morning, we began our tour of the city. First of all we went to the Mazar of our beloved leader, Quaid-i-Azam, to pay our hamage. After offering fateha we went to the house where Quaid-i-Azam was born. It was an old tree-storeyed building. The room where our leader was born was on the first floor. Some of the furniture and clothes of Quaid-i-Azam were on show in the room.
     After this we went to Cliften Beach, the most popular picnic resort in Karachi. There we saw the ea for the first time. A great expanse of water was before us. It stretched as far as the eye could see. We stripped and went into the sea for a swim. Our professor was all the time telling us not to go very far. After the swim, we had tea in a restaurant on the beach.
     It was now time for lunch. So we returned to the city. After taking our lunch. we felt rather tired and decided to rest for a couple of hours in the evening we went out and roamed in the bazars till late in the night.
     Karachi is a big city. the bazars and roads were full of people. Every one seemed to be in a hurry. the big hotels of Karachi were splendid buildings. They were richly decorated, very brightly lit and filled with the sounds of music and laughter.
     Next day we visited Karachi port and Manora Island. The naval authorities very kindly allowed us to visit the PNS 'Jhelum'. The officers and men of the ship were very courteous. They showed us all over the ship and explain everything we wanted to know. In the evening, we went to see the airport.
     The first item on our programme for the next day was a visit to the State Bank. It was a magnificent building, eleven storeys high. We were conference hall and library. The rest of the day we spent in visiting the National Mueseum and the Karachi Zoo. It was our last day in Karachi.



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