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Friday, 22 January 2016


Essay Writing about Advertisement By Alifye
     The word 'Advertisement' means to bring something to the public attention. In our times advertisement has become a big business. There are scores of large companies, employing thousands of writers and artists and other experts, that specialize in the field of advertising. There firms design and write advertisements and mange publicity campaigns for everything from a toothpaste to an aeroplane. They do their work so thoroughly that a city dweller cannot ignore advertisements as long as he is awake.
     Early in the morning when you open a newspaper a lady showing all her teeth advises you to use a particular brand of toothpaste. another young woman tells you that her beautiful complexion is the gift of this or that toilet soap. The film advertisements with scantily dressed women cover many full pages of almost all the newspapers.
     When you switch on you radio set, you are again at the mercy of the advertisers. If you ride a bus or walk along the road. you are not away from the advertisement,s Go anywhere enter a cinema hall a restaurant, a railway station, dozens and dozens of advertisement are all around you. Even in the darkness of night, you cannot look towards the horizon without finding blazing of night neon signs everywhere.
     The TV has become the most powerful medium of advertising. Even the news bulletins are punctuated with half a dozen advertisements. Almost all the programs are sponsored by advertisers. Sometimes one feels that TV has sold its soul to the advertisers.
     Millions and millions of rupees are spent every year on advertising. The manufacturers of cosmetics, cigarettes, clothes and medicines spend huge sums of money on the publicity of their products.
     Advertisement are in a way useful. They keep the public informed about the products. It is also claimed that advertisements help improve the standard of things they introduce and promote. It is supposed that a firm which has spent million of rupees on the publicity of its products will constantly try to improve them in order to retain its reputation. But the millions of rupees spent on advertising add to the prices of things. In the last analysis it is the consumer who pays the price of advertisements.



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