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Monday, 25 January 2016

An Air Battle

Essay Writing about An Air Battle By Alifye
     It was the fourth day of the September 65 War by that time we had become used to the screaming noise of the aircraft. The Indian Jet bombers came frequently circled over the town and left hurriedly. It was seldom that they had the courage to drop their bombs, because the PAF fighters were always in the air to engage them.
     That day I had gone to the railway station to receive a friend. It was about eleven o' clock. The train had not come. I went to the station master's office. He had a transistor radio by his side. It was time for the news broadcast. He switched on the radio. The news was exciting. PAF Jets had downed fourteen Indian bombers that morning. We felt very happy. In the meantime, the train had arrived. I welcomed my friend and told him the latest news.
     As we come out of the station. we heard the roar of the aircraft. We looked up Four planes had appeared in the sky. They had come form the eastern side. "Indian bombers" I told my friend. Two of them dived low. Before they could unload their bombs, two aircraft came roaring from the west. These were the PAF Sabres.
     Suddenly the air was filled with the thud thud of machine guns. The aircraft dived, climbed, turned and chased each other. The Indian Planes cam lower and lower. A PAD Fighter followed as if it were glued to their tails. Suddenly the air was filled with the sound of bullets. One of the Indian Planes burst into flames. The second one turned abruptly and headed east. But the other PAF Sabre was chasing it like a bloodhound. In a few seconds it was in flames an crashed to the ground. The other two Indian aircraft had disappeared.
     The sky was calm and silent as before. The fight had ended in joy and excitement. Then someone began to run towards the burning aircraft. All of us followed.
     In half an hour we reached the place where the two Indian planes burned a few furlongs apart from each other. The IAF marking on their tails was still visible. Broken and twisted pieces of metal were scattered all around. We took a few pieces as souvenirs and went home. There we learned that the remaining two Indian planes had been shot down by ground fire. three miles away from the town. 
     Our Air Force and Army had once again proved their superiority.



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