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Monday, 25 January 2016

Atomic Energy for Peace And Prosperity

     Atomic Energy can be used in many ways and for many purposes. It can be used for bringing peace and prosperity to this world. It can also be used to destroy this earth and its inhabitants. It can perform miracles for us if only we have the wisdom to ask for them.
     Today, Atomic energy produces electricity for use on earth and in space. This electric power is produced by nuclear reactors. A nuclear reactor is an advanced type of furnace or a machine which uses uranium or some other atomic fuel to produce heat. This heat is then converted into electricity. 
     At present electricity produced by atomic energy is not as cheap as that obtained through conventional means. But as the nuclear reactors become more efficient and economical, they will be able to produce electricity at the less cost. It is hoped that in future huge amounts of electricity will be provided by the nuclear reactors.
     It is not electricity alone that we can get form the atom. The reactors also make radio-isotopes. These radio-isotopes emit radiation. They are used in agriculture, medicine and industry. The radio-isotope is often called the silent servant of man.
     Today more than thirty different radio-isotopes are used for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Many dreadful diseases like cancer are being successfully treated with radio-isotopes.
     In agriculture, radio-isotopes are playing a very important part in producing better crops. With the help of radio-isotopes food can be stored for a long time, without the danger of damage or deterioration. 
     In industry, radio-isotopes are used in a thousand ways to improve the quality of goods.
     The research on atomic energy is going on. In future many new peaceful uses of this energy will be found. The day is not far off when atomic energy will be used in the space ships, the aircraft, the sea ships, the railway trains and so many other things.



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