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Friday, 29 January 2016

Autobiography of An Old Shoe

     I have a Strange history behind my worn-out condition. Long ago, I was a part of the skin of a beautiful cow that grazed happily in a green posture. She became old and was slaughtered and skinned by a butcher. It was a very painful moment for me. The skin was salted and dried. It was sold as hide and was treated in a tannery with chemical. Now I took the shape of soft bright leather.
     I lay in a god own for a couple of months. one day a man purchased me as well as some other pieces of bright leather. He took us to his factory which prepared shoes. His workers cut us into various pieces. We were made to pass through different machines till i became a shoe with a made to pass through different  machines till I became a shoe with a beautiful heel, a sole and a toe. I along with another of my shape and size, was packed in a cardboard box and dumped into a big god-own.
     A Shoe merchant purchased us and we found our way to his shop. We lay there for a few days. One day when customers came we were brought out and tried on their feet. But for some days bargain could not be struck because our master demanded more than the customers offered. One day a man came to the shop. He selected us paid the price, and took us home.
     He was a rich man. We moved on carpets and clean marble floors and traveled in comfortable motor cars. We were polished by his servant daily. Our owner had many pairs of shoes. So he used us rarely. Most of the days we lay on a shelf. I was anxious to travel abroad but there was no hope so long as he possessed us.
     After a few months our master gave us to one of his servants. In the beginning he polished us daily and wore us throughout the day. I was happy because I had a chance to see the world around me. But my happiness was shortlived. I felt tired by too much us. Now the brightness of my face was gone. My body was disfigured. 
     One day we were lying in the courtyard of my owner's house.Suddenly a dog came up to us. He sniffed at my companion.lifted him with his teeth, and quietly went away. I was left alone, since then I have been lying in a corner weeping at my miserable condition.



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