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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Autobiography Of A Rupee

Autobiography Of A Rupee

Essay Writing about Autobiography Of A Rupee By Alifye
     I have a shining appearance with beautiful inscriptions on my sides. But I had not been the same always. I have a strange history.
     Once I was a part of a metal buried deep into the earth. It was dug up by the miners and sent to a factory with big furnaces. It was heated till it turned into a liquid. In this process it became pure and lustrous. The liquid was poured into dies and shaped into billets.
     One day these billets were taken to a mint. Here again they were melted into a liquid and mixed with some other metals. This mixture was then poured into dies to form small round pieces. These pieces were stamped on both sides with a die. Now these pieces had become rupees. I was one of them. Soon after I along with hundreds of my companions, was put into a steel box, locked and sealed carefully, and sent to the State Bank of Pakistan.
     I remained there. shut up in the box, for a few days. One day I felt that the box was being loaded into a truck. Thus i reached a bank where the box was opened and all of us were counted one by one. We were put into the strong room of the bank Late, I was transferred to the safe of the treasurer.
     A businessman got me from the treasurer and gave me to his servant. The servant gave me to a fruit seller who spent me on a cinema ticket. The proprietor of the picture house got me the same evening. He gave me to the booking clerk at the railway station to buy a ticket. The booking clerk gave me to a villager who took me home and dropped me into an earthen pot fixed securely in a wall.
     It was bad luck for me. I kept lying in that horribly dark and small pot for a number of months. I being a new shining coin, was liked by the villager. He would not part with me. However, when I lost some of my lustre, the villager lost his fondness for me. He gave me to a cloth merchant who put me in his safe. In the evening e closed the shop and went home.
     At night, some thieves broke into the shop and made away with the earnings of the cloth dealer. I too was taken away by robbers. But in a hurry, they dropped me on the roadside. I am still lying there waiting to be picked up by someone and start on my travels once again.



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