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Thursday, 4 February 2016



Essay Writing about Uses Of  Beggars By Alifye
    In the last few years, the number of beggars has greatly increased in our country. There are hundreds of beggars in every town. In big cities will Lahore and Karachi. they are in thousands. Whenever you go, you will find them at your heels. It appears that every tenth man you see in a crowded bazar is a beggar. If you are spending a day at your home, every other man who knocks at your door will be a beggar.
     Begging has become a popular and prosperous profession. Some innocent people think that beggars are poor people. The truth is that most of the beggars are quite will to do persons. Some beggars are quite rich. There are some persons who hire beggars on monthly salary for begging. The difference between the salary and the earning of these beggars is the organizer profit.
     There is only a small number of beggars who are crippled, blind or otherwise disabled. One can understand why these unfortunate creatures beg. But the great majority of beggars comprises strong and healthy people. They can do any sort of manual labour but they find begging easier and more paying.
     Begging is and art that needs a special kind of intelligence some beggars are born with this quality. Others have to learn through practice and hard work. A good beggar must have something of an actor in him. He must be a good judge of character. He must know the weaknesses of various types of people. He must have a sense of timing.
     A great number of beggars have all these qualities and many more. Beggars who have large bank accounts and own houses and shops are not rare. They live in respectable houses in good localities and got to other parts of the town for the purpose of begging.
     Some beggars are not genuine beggars. They disguise  as beggars. They are burglars, child lifters or abductors. While posting as beggars they are on the look out for a locked house, a lonely child or an unescorted woman in a deserted place.
     The government had tried many times to ban begging and provide the beggars an opportunity to become useful members of the society. Still the beggars are with us, and begging is spreading like plague. 



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