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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Beware of Flattery

Beware of Flattery

Essay Writing about Uses Of Beware of Flattery By Alifye
     Once a crow found a piece of cheese from somewhere. He flew and perched on the branch of an oak tree. He was about to eat it when a hungry fox passed from there and saw the crow with a piece of cheese in his beak. His mouth was watered. He wanted to snatch that piece of cheese from the crow. So, the fox began to flatter the crow. He admire the shining black feathers of the crow. He said to the crow., "I want to listen to your melodious song, Would you sing it for me?" The crow was heightened to hear his admiration. The Crow was totally deceived by the oily tongue of the fox. As soon as he opened his mouth to caw. the cheese slipped from his beak and fell on the ground. The fox grabbed it and ran away. The poor crow was left with a sense of astonishment at the craftiness of the fox.
     Moral: Beware of Flattery.



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