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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Do Good, Have Good. Or One good turn deserves another

Do Good, Have Good. Or

 One good turn deserves another
Essay Writing about Uses Of  Do Good Have Good By Alifye
     A bee was very thirsty. It went to a spring to quench its thirst. While it was drinking, it fell into the stream and was carried away swiftly along the current. Just then, a dove happened to reach there. She saw the life of the bee in danger. Seeing the struggles of the poor bee, the dove dropped a twig on the water near the bee. The bee crawled on to the twig. When its wings dried, it flew away. Not long after this, the bee saw a hunter with his gun to shoot at the same dove which had saved his life. At once it flew to the hunter's hand and stung him so hard that he startled up with pain and missed the aim. The dove flew away unharmed, thanking the bee.
     Moral: Do good and have good.



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