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Sunday, 7 February 2016

God Helps those who help themselves

     Once a crow was very thirsty. He flew all over the places in search of water but found water nowhere. At last, he happened to pass a garden and there he found a pitcher. It, at once, flew to it to see if there was any water in it. It looked in and found that there was a little water in it. He tried his best to reach the water. but all in vain. It, then tried to push the pitcher over, but it was too heavy enough to do so. Then, he saw some pebbles lying near the pitcher. He thought of a good idea. He picked them up one by one and dropped them into the pitcher. This made the water rise higher and higher. At last water rose to the top. Then he quenched his thirst satisfactorily. He thanked God and flew away.
     Moral:  No Pains, No Gains. God Helps those who help themselves. Necessity in the mother of Invention.



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