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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Essay Writing about Uses Of  Honesty is the best Policy By Alifye
     Once upon a time a woodcutter lived in a village. He used to go to forest to chop down woods. He sold them in a nearby market and earned his livelihood. One day he was cutting woods on the bank of river. His iron axe slipped and feel into the deep water of river. He began to cry in distress. Suddenly a god of water appeared there. He said to him, "Why are you weeping?" The woodcutter replied, "My axe has fallen into the river. He came out of the water with a golden axe. He said to the woodcutter," Is this axe?" The woodcutter replied, "No sir! It is not mine." The god of water dived again and brought out a silver axe at this time. The woodcutter again refused to take it too. The God of water dived into the water for the third time and brought out with the same iron axe. Seeing his axe, he became very happy and thanked him very much. The god of water was very pleased with him. He Said, "You are very honest man." He gave all the three axes to the woodcutter as a reward and vanished.



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