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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Might Is Right

Might Is Right

Essay Writing about Uses Of Might is Right By Alifye
     One day a wolf went to a stream to drink water. As he was drinking water he saw a lamb. The lamb was drinking water lower down the stream. Seeing the poor lamb, the wolf grew desirous to eat it. He Said, "What  a nice lamb!" It will make me a good dinner." He then thought of picking a quarrel with the lamb. So he began to find an excuse. He went to the lamb and said, "You wicked lamb, why have you made the water dirty? Don't you see I am drinking?" To this the lamb replied, "Sir, the water is running form you to me. How can I make the water dirty for you?" The wolf said "Well, why did you abuse me last year?" "Sir, replied the lamb,"I was not even born a year ago." "Then" said the angry world angrily, "It must have been your father or mother," So saying he fell upon the poor lamb and ate him up.
     Moral: Might is Right.
                "Any excuse serves a wicked person."



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