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Monday, 8 February 2016

Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and steady wins the Race

Essay Writing about Uses Of  Slow and Steady wins the Race By Alifye
     One day a hare made fun of the short legs and slow pace of a tortoise. The tortoise felt annoyed and challenged the hare to run a race with him. The Hare took up the challenge. Next day the race started. The hare ran very fast and soon left the tortoise far behind. The Hare, knowing that he could get to the end of the course in a few leaps. Lay down by the side of the road and fell fast asleep. On the other hand, he tortoise, without stopping for a moment, went on steadily and slowly until he reached the goal. A little later, the hare woke up and saw about and ran as fast as he could to reach the finish line. But the hare found that the tortoise has reached the goal before him and was quietly resting.



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