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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Union is Strength

Union is Strength

Essay Writing about Uses Of Union is Strength By Alifye
     Once upon a time, there lived an old farmer in a remote village who had three sons. All of them were very querulous, insolent and disobedient. When, he was at the deathbed, he called out of his sons and asked them to bring a pile of sticks. His orders was executed. Then, he asked his sons to break that pile of sticks altogether. All of them struggled hard in order to break it but all failed to do so. Then, he told them to untie it and break the sticks one by one. Each one broke his stick with easily. At this he advised them that if they wold remain unified and united then no one would dare harm them just like the sticks. His sons were so much impressed by this simple demonstration of their father. They acted upon their father's advice and began to live contentedly.
     Moral: Union is Strength.



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