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Friday, 12 February 2016

Uses of Science Or Miracles of Science

Uses of Science Or Miracles of Science

Essay Writing about Uses Of Miracles of Science By Alifye
     The term "Science" is borrowed from the Greek language, which means knowledge. Miracles of science are seen everywhere in the world. It is through science that we have gained access to the Planet Mars.
     These miracles of life have made our life very comfortable. These miracles are the fastest means of communications i.e. Satellite Phones, Mobiles Phones, Internet, Computers, Laptops, Palmtops, Televisions, Radio etc. The science has also done miracles in the fields of Engineering, Medicines, Medical Equipment, Space Race, Transportation and almost in all the other fields of life. Science has also produced nuclear bombs and other weapons which can cause vast destruction in a few moments. But, everything has a good and a bad use. If we use science for peaceful purposes, we can make his world like a paradise.



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