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Friday, 4 March 2016

College Magazine

College Magazine

Essay Writing about College Magazine By Alifye
     One of the most important aims of the education is to enable the students to express themselves correctly and adequately. College magazines are very important in this respect. A college magazine encourages the students to express their literary talent.
     Generally speaking, a college magazine publishes stories. poems and articles written by students. It is edited by students themselves with some help from the staff members. Apart from the articles of the students, report of the literary and cultural activities of the college are published in the magazine.
     Most of the college magazine are bilingual. that is they contain two sections - Urdu and English. Each of the sections is a collection of articles, stories poems and a couple of addresses and speeches. The Urdu section is always bigger in volume than the English section as it is easier for the students to write in Urdu. Only a few students write in English. The standard of Urdu section is higher than that of the English section.
      It is customary for the editors of a college magazine to say in the foreword that the articles received for publication have been to poorly written to be published word for word. This means that most of the articles we find in a college magazine have been rewritten or at least, extensively edited by the teachers.
     The college magazine can be of great service to the student writer. If the students who aspire to be writers, regularly contribute to the college magazine, they will soon learn the art of writing. The teachers of the college are always available for helping and guiding the student writers. 
     The students of a college magazine is naturally not very high. We must remember that a college magazine is the magazine of those who are learning to be writers. They have their faults. but they have their promise too. Soon some of them will become accomplished writers and the leading magazines and newspapers of the country will gladly publish their work.



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