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Friday, 7 October 2016

Cooperative Movement

     In the earliest day, human beings lived in very small groups, isolated from other such groups.  We do not know much about their life then. But we know for certain that they could not afford to be alone for long. They instinctively felt that they needed the help of others in order to make their existence secure comfortable and happy. So we see that the urge to be social and cooperative in primitive.
     But when we talk of cooperative movement, we speak of a phenomenon which is quite modern, though the underlying idea is fundamentally the same. It means organized attempts made collectively by human beings with a view to solving their common problems.
     Suppose, the citizens of a particular area face the problem of adulterated food and want to provide themselves with pure food. For this purpose, they raise funds and establish a general provisions store. which is run jointly. Or suppose the villagers in some part of the country want to construct embankments in order to protect their cornfields from floods or rain. If all of the make contributions and work together on the project they are said to be working on cooperative basis. When such tasks are undertaken frequently by people. in various fields they are said to have started a cooperative movement.
     Socially the cooperative movement by creating a sense of interdependence in them brings the members of society closer. It serves as a binding factor.
     The moral point of the movement is that is teaches men to trust and respect one another. In other words. it makes them better, more cultured citizens.
     Cooperative movements are very popular in the advanced countries of the world. Such as America, Britain and France. These nations have in face realized the real value of such movements and are reaping great benefits from them.
     In Pakistan we need to follow this example. The possibilities of cooperative in our country are enormous. The government can do much to popularise such a movement by taking the necessary initiatives. The People should also recognise the fact that their concerted efforts would not only help them but also their country.



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