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Friday, 14 October 2016

Economic Justice In Islam

Alifye Essays Writing "Economic Justice In Islam
     Islam is the only religion that includes all spheres of human life and human activity. Why does it not just give us instructions about praying and fasting and leave us free in other matters of life? The answer is clear: Islam aims at creating a just society of human beings in which there is no exploitation of the weaker by the strong.
     Islamic system of social organisation is entirely different from the systems developed by communism and capitalism. On the one hand it does not accept the principal of the unlimited right of the individual to acquire, own and use wealth as he likes and on the other it rejects the philosophy of the complete state ownership of all means of production.
     Both capitalism and communism create unjust societies in which one section of the society has all the advantage. Capitalism gives the individual freedom of action in all matters but this freedom works in the favour of the rich. The poor have only freedom of speech and starvation but deprives him of all other freedoms.
     One very important principle of the Islamic system of social and economic justice is the distinction between legitimate and illegitimate sources of earning money. Islam does not give its followers a general license to earn money through any means. It sets up a clear distinction between fair means and foul means of earning. All those means that enable and individual to profit at the expense of another are immoral. Only those mean of earning are fair that ensure the mutual benefit of individuals, and thus that of the whole society. 
     The Holy Quran says: "O people who have accepted the faith do not seize one another;s property by unfair means. Trade is, however, permitted which benefits both of you..?" Trade means exchange of goods and services. It can benefits both the parties only when it is conducted without any tricks, without any pressure from any side. If one party has all the trumps. and the other none, the trade between them is not trade but exploitation.
     There are other verses in the Holy Quran that define sources of ill-gotten wealth usurpation bribery misuse of private and public wealth and property gambling usury and preparation, sale and transportation of alcoholic drinks and goods that promote immorality. 
     This verse also gives us the third principle of the economic system of Islam, i.e, the spending of wealth A Muslim is not free to spend his wealth as he please. He is clearly enjoined to spend it for Alla;s purposes, i.e, to promote the welfare of the less fortunate members of the Muslim society.



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