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Saturday, 23 September 2017


     Fashions is the style of human behavior popular during a usually short period of time. If during a certain period, people begin to put on belt-bottom trousers, wear spectacles with large, disc like glasses, or keep their hats tilted, they are following fashion. The peculiar charm of fading into oblivion. They are born quickly and they die quickly. Why Nobody knows for sure.
     Fashions, perhaps, originate in man age old wish to look distinct and attractive. Naturally, they are more popular with women. It is said that the chameleon does not change its colour as quickly as a woman wear out a new fashion. but men too are not innocent in this matter. It is they who desire to see that women are in the fashion. Indirectly, therefore, men are responsible for women's fashions. This mean that psychology of fashions is two fold. People want to be individualistic and to be acceptable to the opposite sex.
     Let us look at the popularity of fashions from another point of view. They are popular with the youth, because in young people the urge to show themselves of is the strongest. Children are too small to be conscious of the thrill that fashion creates, while the aged are too old to pay any serious thought to it. The young on the other hand, find life enjoyable and want to enjoy it more by adding to its colorfulness. They adopt all sorts of devices to look different.
       Fashions are popular in cities rather than villages. The reason is that most fashions are a luxury. The simple poor and backward villagers cannot afford to indulge in such luxuries, On the other hand, the rich, clever and advanced city people are tempted to luxuriate in fashions which have a glamour of their own.
     Fashions can pertain to any aspect of human behavior, e.g to walk limpingly after Byron, to smoke a particular brand of cigarettes of to read a particular type of novels. But the most popular fashions are those that relate to dress. An apparel oft proclaims the man said Shakespeare and the world has taken Shakespeare too seriously. Thus we observe that men's pants change in size and shape every six months and their shirts every four months. that women's petticoats change in design every two months and their shirts shrink or grow every fortnight.
     To come to the moral point, fashions reflect the character of a nation. Western fashions are a clear index of the western mode of thinking and feeling. The West seen through its fashions represents a culture devoid of any moral values. Similarly fashions prevailing in various countries amongst various races or tribes give us a clear idea of their respective ways of living.
     What are the uses of fashions? Mainly, they create a colourful variety in life and add to the cultural wealth of a country. Their demerits are that they usually imply a waste of money and time and often lead to immorality.
     We the Muslims of Pakistan should pay head to tow things, Firstly, not to follow any fashion which violates the principles of Islam. Secondly, not to think too much of fashion as we have better things to do. Our efforts should be to make Pakistan not a fashion house but a great and strong country.



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