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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Geo-Political Important of Pakistan

Geo-Political Important of Pakistan: 

Alifye - Pakistan Study - Geo-Political Important ofPakistan
Pakistan occupies a unique position' in the world. It is situated at the head of the Arabia sea it flanks the entrance to the Oil-richen. Persian Gulf. It is neighbor of very important countries of the world like India and China. Pakistan provides an overland passage from Europe to Indian Ocean, the area in which international attention is being increasingly contoured. Throughout its history Pakistan has been of vital importance as a getaway or trade and passage. It has sea, land and air trade router in all directions. The distinctive characteristic of the land ofPakistan is also indicated by the Geo-Political importance of its position, which is not shared by any other part of the Sub-continent. It is so situated that in the geological conflicts of east and. West its position has become of great strategic importance- both the Western and Communist powers week to bring Pakistan in their sphere .of influence. Pakistan is an active member of very important regional organization like SAARC. ECO and D-8.



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