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Saturday, 21 October 2017


  • Alifye - Religion - Hinduism
  • Hinduism The basis of Hinduism lies in the four Vedas of the Aryans. Like all other religions the appeal of Hinduism has flagged and waned Brilliant reformers sprang up from time to time, Sarkaracharya
  • (8th century), Ramanuj)
  • (12th century) and Madhwas )
  • (13th century restored popular faith and countered hereticaltendencies. in the course of time certain doctrines were developed and played an important role in Hindu thought. The Important ones are.
  1. Karma or reincarnation which means rebirth of a person in a hi caste or low caste family or animals depends on his karma.
  2. Individual’s duty to the universe is his Dharma.
  3. Moksha is the ultimate objective in Hindu's life. 
  4. Atman, the sow of man, is ultimately one with Brahman -- the creator.
  5. The sacred books of Hindus are:
  6. Vedas,Upanashads, Bhagwd Gita,Ramayana, Maharasharata.



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