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Friday, 6 October 2017

History Of The World

History - History of The World

  • The next stage was the advent of writing. This was in early Bronze age from about 3200 to 2000 B.C. Writing first developed in Egypt. Southern Mesopotamia and in south - west Iran. The written records show that Sumerian city states flourished from 3100 to 2570 B.C.
  • After the city states came the period of empires. The Sumerian city states began to struggle to gain dominance over one another. In about 2370 B.C Sargon of Agade incorporated all of them into a powerful empire. There were conquests and migrations. The Climax of this trend came when Persian Empire, the largest known in the middle east came into being.
  • Then the hub of civilization shifted from Asia to the Mediterranean where it remained for the next 1000 years. There were city states in Greece. Though divided, they had a sense of national unity. In the 6th century B.C. while Greeks were organizing themselves into states without king, the Chinese philosopher Confucius was giving theories which were to shape the political organisation of China for many centuries. At the same time the teachings of Gautama Buddha exercised a powerful influence on the civilisation of the sub continent. The Indian Empire declined after death of King Asoka in 232 B.C. and the Chinese after the death of the emperor Wu Ti.
  • The greatest of all the Mediterranean empires, Roman Empire appeared with foundation of the city of Rome by Romulus, with the death of Emperor Augustus in AD 14 the Roman Empire fell.
  • Then civilisation spread to other countries and areas. Passing through the Middle ages the world entered the modern era. Many events and movements helped the world to make progress.     



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