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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Location Of Pakistan

Location Of Pakistan:

Pakistan is situated in the NorthWest of the Indo-Pak. Subcontinent It lies between latitudes of 215° and 36.45° north and between the longitudes of 61° and 75.31° east Pakistan stretches over 1.600 kilometers north and south and about 885 kilometers broad east to west covering a total area of Pakistan.
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Location of Pakisatn

All India Muslim League, under the Presidentship of Muhammad All Jinnah.
Capital: Islamabad
Member of: UN, Commonwealth,
SAARC Continent: Asia
National Flower: Yasmin 

In the north of Pakistan. there is the people's Republic of China, In the northwest, Afghanistan's Vakhan corridor separates Pakistan from central Asian States. In the West Pakistan, have common borders with Afghanistan and Iran. A Chain of Arab Muslim countries extends from the Southwest of Iran to the West Coast of North Africa. On the southern side of Pakistan spreads the Aradiaxs Sea. In the east there lies Indian states of Punjab and Rajistan.



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