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Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Potwar Plateau and the Salt Ranges

The Potwar Plateau and the Salt Ranges:

Alifye - Pakistan Study - The Potwar Plateau and the Salt Ranges

The Potowar Plateau and the SaltRange is located to the south of to mountainous north and lies between the Indus River on the west and Theitun River on the east. Its northern boundary found by the Kaala chitta Ranges and the Margalla Hills' and the southern boundary by the salt Ranges, Between the northern and the southern Ranges is located son Basin. It extends over an area of about 7000 square miles.
The Salt Range rises in the east near the western bank of Jhelum River in the Tilla and Bakrialaa Ridges. It comprises Parallel ranges of low, flat topped hills enclosing small intermontane valleys, basin plains, plateaus and a number of saline lakes. The Khabeki and Kallar Kahar are the t.vo largest lakes. To some extent the Salt Range runs northwards along the Jhelum River and then strikes northwest. At Kalabag it crosses the Indus. In the south — west, the range extends to Bannu and Dera Ismailk Khan. Its average altitude is 700 metres but it rises upto 1500 metres near Sakesar in Sargodha District.



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