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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Newspapers in Pakistan

Newspapers in Pakistan 

There are many daily Newspapers, weekly magazines and monthly digests etc. Published in Urdu, English and other professional and regional languages. The main Newspapers and magazines (WC) Monthly) are as under.

Urdu Daily News Papers:

Name News Paper                          City

Jang                                                            Karachi, Lahroe, Rawalpindi and Quetta
Nawa-i-Waqat                                            Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi
Din                                                             Lahore, Karachi
Awaz                                                          Lahore, Karachi
Express                                                      Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi
Pakistan                                                     Lahore, Islamabad, Multan
Khabrain                                                    Islamabad, Lahore, Multan
Mussawat                                                  Karachi, Lahore
Jhook (Shiraki)                                          Multan, Kanpur
Ibrat (Sindhi)                                             Hyderabad
Daily Business Report                              Faisalabad
Jasarat                                                       Karachi
Mashraq                                                    Peshawar
Aman                                                        Karachi
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Daily Urdu Newspapers Pakistan

English Daily News Papers:

Name News Paper                          City

The Dawn                                                  Karachi, Lahore
The News                                                  Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi
The Nation                                                Lahore, Karachi
The Muslim                                              Islamabad
The Baluchistan Times                             Quetta
Business Recorder                                    Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Daily English Newspaper Pakistan

Weekly Urdu Magazine:

Name                                               City

Akhbar-i-Jahan                                          Karachi
Akhbar-e-Khawateen                                 Karachi
Family                                                        Lahore
Takbir                                                         Karachi
Zindagi                                                      Lahore
Business Recorder                                    Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi

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Fisheries in Pakistan

Fisheries in Pakistan

The share of fishers in GDP though small but is substantially contribute to the foreign exchange earnings through export besides provides protein to the populace. During the current year this sector is likening grow by 6.73 percent as compared to 4.79 percent last year. During i'9,,c) - 98, 138 M. ions of fish and fishery products were exported, earning, t/7 7.27 billions as compared to Rs. 5.29 billion during the same pen year showing an increase of 37.4.
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Fisheries in Pakistan

During the year 1997 - 98 the total marine and inland fish production is estimated 590.000 M; tons as compared to 555489M, tones during the same period last year showing in increase of 6.2 percent. The total estimated production of the current year i.e. 415,000 M. tones will be from marine production which was 395,397 M. tones during the same period last year and the remaining catch will be from inland fishery sector,

Total number of persons engaged in fisheries sector during 1997 - 98 is to be estimated 404, 150. Out of which 113, 750 persons were engaged in marine sector, whereas 290, 400 was involved in inland fisheries compared 401,407 in '996 - 97 out of which 113, 669 were in marine and 287, 738 were in inland fisheries sector.
Alifye - Pakistan Study -  Fisheries in Pakistan

A number of steps are being taken to improve fisheries sector which include interlay strengthening of infrastructure facilities, improvement of extension services, introduction of equal culture techniques, diversification of fishing efforts, development of value added products, enhancement of per capita consumption, up gradation o sociology-economic conditions o the fisherman's community. 

Presently Marine Fisheries Department is executing a project namely "establishment of Hatchery Complex for production of fish/Shrimp Seed". It is expected that implementation of this project will pay a vital role for development in the field of fish/shrimp farming.

Poultry in Pakistan

Poultry in Pakistan

Poultry production has emerged as a good Substitute of beefand mutton. Its importance can be judged. from the fact that almost every family in rural areas and every fifth family in urban areas are associated with poultry production activities in one way, or the other. 

Alifye - Pakistan Study - Poultry in Pakistan
Government providing every possible incentive to develop it at an accelerated The production of commercial poultry and poultry products or the year 1996 - 97 and 1997 - 98 are given in the following table.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Tehreek-e-Labaik, Operation in Faizabad

Operation in Faizabad

Tehreek-e-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah

Alifye - Breaking News - Operation in Faizabad

Report Rawalpindi/Islamabad 26 November 2017:
Tehreek-e-Labaik, Operation in Faizabad against Muslim community protest and claim resign of law minister Zahid Hamid.
Three Police and 5 People Killed. Fire in all cities of Pakistan. striker need to get resign of Mr. Zahid Hamid Law Minister of Pakistan. Government strike against Dharna in Faizabad Pakistan. Ahsan Iqbal order for Operation against
Tehreek-e-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah.

Strike against Khatm-e-Nabowat

Pemra announce to discount satellite in whole Pakistan and now Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all Television Transmission disconnect. people are very angry with government decision in Islamic republic of Pakistan.
Tehreek-e-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah strike against government decision about Tehreek E Khatam E Nabowat. Pakistan current government PLMN resist with all public in Pakistan. PLMN will damage our reputation due to strike against Muslim community and they are standing on Faizabad Twin city in Pakistan. 
Alifye - News - Breaking News - Faizabad Dharna
Government Minister Ahsan Iqbal try to solve this Issue but he is not able to find any solution against Muslim community Jamat E Islami and Sunni Tehrik.  

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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Livestock in Pakistan

Livestock in Pakistan

Livestock plays an important role in the economy of Pakistan, which accounts for 38 percent of the agricultural value added and about 10 percent of total GDP. During the current year we growth in plus sectors ha been estimated at 4.8 percent. During the year 1997 - 98 the livestock population increased to 126.41 million as compared to 122.61 million during the previous veal showing an increase .of 3.1 percent. 
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Livestock in Pakistan

According to the estimates of the total production of meet during I 997 -98 the production of beef will reach up to 1082 thousand tons of the last year. Similarly, milk production would rise up to 22039 thousand tons as compared to 20950 thousand tons during t lie last year. The increase in the production of beef, mutton and milk over the previous car will be 5.2%. 7.2 and 5.2 percent respectively.

Forestry in Pakistan

Forestry in Pakistan 

Forests in Pakistan constitute over an area of 4.2 million hectares i.e. about 5 percent of the total geographical area of the country One - tied o the forest area in Pakistan is productive and the remaining two - thirds is maintained for environmental stability. The type o forest that exist in Pakistan are coniferous forests, irrigated plantations, riverain forests, scrub forests, coastal forests, linear plantations and private plantations covering 4276 thousand hectares . There is also a type of forest called range lands covering 6260 t4o4and hectares. Therefore total forest area has been estimated at 10536 thousand hectares. 
Substantial tree growth exists on private farmlands in the form of compact, scattered and linear plantations in addition to forest area. According to Forestry Sector Master Plan, 1992 trees on 3, 40, 000 hectare have been planted on farm lands and private lands under watershed management and social forestry programmes. 

During the year 1997, estimated consumption of timber in the country stood at 3450 thousands cubic meter Ls compared to 3300 thousand cubic meter during 1996. The state forests contributed to 319 thousand share was 2318 thousand cubic meters. 823 thousand cubic meters of timber were imported during 1996 - 97. During 1996 - 97. fulled consumption was 28.5 million cubic meters, State forests contributed 0.309 million cubic meter of fulled and the 27.191 million cubic meters were supplied by farmlands. 

A large quantity of wood based products made of timber: puop, paperboard and manufactured articlesof wood are import-7, annually to meet the local supply and demand gap. During 19% 8e7u Pakistan spent Rs. 7382.3 million on import of wood and wood produ Ts as compared to Rs, 7073,7 million w 1995 - 96, showing an in ,ee CIedse of Rs. 308.9 millions. 

Total exports of wood and wood produces amounted to .ks / 2.231 million in 1996 - 97 as compared to Rs. 8, 658 million during 1995 -. 96. The wood-based sports goods accounted for 99 percent of the exported forest products.

Tree planting campaigns are organized twice a year during spring and Monsoon Seasons. During the last ten years 2040 million trees have been planted in both public and private sectors. In 1996 - 97, 241 million trees have been planted. 

.Progress to increase forest areas-under public sectors is limited, as no additional area has been placed at the disposal of the Provincial Forest Departments. The tree density in the existing forest area and pace of reforestation / afforestation has been severely hampered due to financial and social constraints. Annually 47, 000 hectares of forest lands are aforesaid/ reforested by the Provincial Forest Departments. 

To expand the forestry resource base, social forestry programmes are being implemented in all the provinces; Farming communities are being motivated and tree saplings provided on subsidized rates.
Following activities were carried out by the Provincial Forest Departments in 1996-97. 

Compact Plantain: 45.734 Hectares Linear Plantation: 1848 Avenue Kilometers Nurseries: 828 hectares. 

During 1997. 17 B.Sc. (forestry) and 21 M.Sc (forestry) trainee,s5 graduated from Pakistan Forest Institute,Peshawar. During this period 25 students in B.Sc. (forestry) and 25 students in M.Sc (forestry) classes were enrolled.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Population and Labour Force Pakistan

Population and Labour Force Pakistan

Population of Pakistan is estimated at 139.024 million by 1st January, 1998 and now reaches 192 million become 6th most populated country in the world. The current population growth rate is estimated to be 2.7 percent. which is one of the highest in the region. In 1951, the growth rate of population was 1.79 percent per annum which during 1972 - 73 climbed to 3.69 percent. Followed by a declining trend, it is estimated to 7 have decelerated to 2.77 percent n in 199. and further to 2.7 percent per annum in 1998. By the terminal year, 2003 of the 9 tit Five-Year plan, the population growth is projected to slowdown to 2.5 percent.

Alifye - Pakistan Study - History of Pakistan -  Population and Labour Force Pakistan
The Fifth Population and Housing census has been undertaken during March 2 - 18, 1998, barring certain areas / Pockets which could not be covered due to unfavorable weather conditions / local -political considerations. 'Ma, the 1998 Census data processing will take some more time. On the basis of some Demographic (PDS) and Population Growth Surveys (PGS) which have been conducted after 1981 census, projections of the population have been made and trends in fertility, mortality and natural growth have been derived. Overtime, the cmde birth and death rates have declined. The crude birth rate, which was 43.30 per thousand population in 1981 and is estimated to be around 36.00 per thousand in 1998 due to acceptance of family planning programine and improvement in literacy rate and living standard. The crude death rate, which was 11.80 per thou4and in 1981, had also declined to 9.9 per thousand in 1994 and 9.01 per thousand in 1998, due to improved health facilities.
The influx of Afghan Refuges into Pakistan started in 1978 and -was at its peak at 3.7 million in June, 1990. The data of Afghan Refugees reveals that Pakistan is still hosting 1.818 million Afghan Refuges at the end of March. 1998. Pakistan maintained a policy of temporary protection with voluntary return as a preferred option. Since July 1990 to March, 1998 approximately 1.9 million refuges have repatriated to Afghanistan. Due to continued factional fighting amongst various Afghan groups as well as non - availability of adequate economic opportunities and other social - economic conditions, about 0.296 million fresh Afghanis also took refuge in Pakistan during May, 1992 to March 1998.

Social Action Programme In Pakistan

Social Action Programme in Pakistan

The Social Action Programme (SAP) a multi - sectional approach with an aim to correct the poor status of the social sector --as launched in 1992 - 93. It was transformed into a five year time horizon, with a total allocation of $8 billion or Rs. 206.623 billion and was included in the Eight Five year plan (1993 _ 98). Of this allocation. Rs-102.423 billion were planned for development and Rs. 104.2 billion for recurrent expenditure. In the first phase of SAP (1993 - 96), an out lay of Rs. 127.4 billion was earmarked. In order to make the programme manageable, SAP was given a tight definition designed to address basic social sector services. The focus of the programme was on the provision of basic service to most vulnerableof marginalised group of society, e.g. female education, infants are and unreached rural inhabitants in the five sub-sectors of primary Education, Primary Health Care, Nutrition Population Welfare and Rural Water Supply & Sanitation.
Alifye - History Of Pakistan - Pakistan Study - Social Action Programme Pakistan

The SAP phase-I was supported by four donors i.e. the WBADA,ADB4ODA of UK and Netherlands Government, Overall planned investment size of the SAPP-I was Rs 127. 4 billion and actual outlay aggregated at Rs 106.3 billion, indicating utilization of 83.4%. 

Encouraged with the success of SAPP-I, the SAPP-H (1997-2002) has been formulated. The SAPP-II reforms package, will focus on consolidation of SAP sector services rather than their expansion excepting some additional components in education (middle schooling, technical / teacher training non formal education etc) and health sector ( Tehsil / district headquarter hospitals, Tuberculoses and nutrition etc), massive decentralization of administration and financial powers down to Tehsil levels, CBOs, NGOs, and private sector participation and strengthening of institutional arrangements for better. 

The investment size of SAP-II has been set at Rs. 494.8 billion, with development financing share of Rs. 163.0 billion and non- - development Rs. 335.8 billion. With the targets set for SAPP-II, it is expected that Pakistan would be able to improve human development and lay foundation for sustainable economic development and growth, so as to enter in the 21st century, as a literate nation.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Health and Nutrition In Pakistan

Health and Nutrition in Pakistan

Health facilities inPakistan are extremely below the desired level, The existing network of medical services in the Pubic sector consists of 865 hospital. 4523 dispensaries, 5121 basic health units (BMA), 853 maternity & child health centers (MCI, 513 rural health centers (RHCs) and 262 tuberculosis (TB) centers. During 1997 there was one doctor for 1, 724 persons, one dentist for 42, 823 persons, one nurse for 5460persons, one nurse for 3.6 hospital beds, and one hospital bed for 1504 persons. 

Alifye - Encyclopedia Pakistan - Health and Nutrition In Pakistan

The total outlay on health sector (federal plus provincial) during 1997 - 98 is Rs 19.7 billion (Rs. 13.59 billion current expenditure & Rs. 6. 08 billion development expenditure) including 3. 69 billion as federal allocation. The planned expenditure on health is 7.2 percent higher over the last year and as a percent of GNP it is 0. 7 percent. The per capita expenditure on health works out to Rs 14\1 per annum. The estimated achievements of the physical targets have varied between the minimum of 62 percent (New BHUs) and the maximum of 100 percent (UHCs). The achievement includes construction of 80 new facilities (53 BHUs) and addition of 2,140 hospital beds. In health manpower development 3, 140 doctors, 298 dentists, 2198 nurses, 5, 250 paramedics and 7, 600 birth attendants have been trained. 

During 1997 - 98 under the preventive programme 6.1 million children have immunized from six killer diseases and 19.75 millions Ors packets administered to children below 5 years of age against diarrhea diseases. 

To improve the status of the health of the nation a new health policy was announced on 17th December 1997. Under this policy private sector will be given greater responsibility for health services delivery. Health care planning will be bases on scientific research to face the current and future challenges. 

The Government has given special priority in his health policy to nutrition. The main objectives of this nutrition policy are to prevent malnutrition, to reduce anemia, generate mass awareness about appropriate nutritional practices and to universalize iodized salt. Per capita food availability has increased from 2532 calories in 1996 - 97 to 2579 calories for 1997 - 98, 1.9 percent higher than recommended dietary allowance (RDA). The per capita protein intake has reached to 69.63 grams which is 16.1 percent above RDA of 60, grams and is also 2.6 percent higher over previous year.

Education Pakistan in 2000

Education Pakistan in 2000.

The government has 'recently announced National EducationPolicy 1998 — 2010 which aims at attaining respectable level of literacy by universalization of basic education, providing quality of education, reducing gender disparities, encouraging private investment in education. up — grading the quality of higher education, reforming the examination system and evolving an efficient decentralized management structure. 
Alifye - History of Pakistan - Education Pakistan in 2000

During 1997 — 98 there were 158.511 primary schools (108,552 male and 49, 959 female), 15, 909 middle schools (8,713 male and 7, 196 female) and 10. 004 high schools (6, 243 male and 3, 761 female) with total enrollment of 16, 642 thousand at primary stage (9, 699 male an 6, 943 female), 3906 thousand at middle stage (2, 389 male and 1, 517 female) and 1639 thousand at high stage (1034 male and 605 female) respectively. Participation rate atprimary stage for both the sexes stood at 77 percent (93 percent male and 61 percent female), at middle stage 49 percent (62 percent male and 36 percent female) and at high stage 34 percent (43 percent male and 25 percent female). For higher education the existing educational system is being strengthened and consolidated. During the current year the literacy rate has increased to 40 percent (51 percent male and 28 percent female). Expenditure as percentage of GNP stood at2.5 percent, which would be increased to 4 percent of GNP by 2010.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Energy Sector in Pakistan

Energy Sector in Pakistan
Alifye -Atricle - History Pakistan - Energy Sector in Pakistan

During July - March 1997 - 98, the production of crude oil per day declined to 55,992 barrels from 58,797 barrels per day during the same period last year. The total production of crude oil stood at 15.342 million barrels against 16.110 million barrels during the same period of last year. The production of crude oil declined due to depletion of oil fields. The production of gas per day, slightly increased to 1, 922 million cubic feet during July March 1997 - 98 from 1.907 •million cubic feet over the same period of last year and as such the total production of gas increased to 526.628 million cubic feet during July - March 197 - 98 from 522.518 million cubic feet of the comparable period of last year.
Alifye - Energy Sector Pakistan
The installed capacity of electricity (hydel power) increased A by 21.9 percent during the first nine month of the c t fiscal year and stood at 15, 996-mega watt. The number of villages electrified increase to 65.473 during July - February 1997 - 98 against 64.568 in 1996 - 97. The number of consumers on the billing panel of WAPDA and KESC stood at 11.5ermillion up to February.

In October 1997, a new petroleum policy was announced which introduced various measures to exploit the existing energy resources and to build a tangible production base in the country. These measures were in the form of improved incentives, procedures, regulatory framework and transparency. Efforts were also focused in the policy on attracting private sector investment in off-share areas where no drilling activity was carried out since 1990.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Communications in Pakistan

Communications in Pakistan
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Communications In Pakistan

Pakistan Communications is now connected with most of the countries of the world through international gateway exchange. Value added services such as Internet, E-mail, Cellular mobile telephone, optical fibber system, card pay phone and paging services are now available in the country which are providing innovative and modern services to the consumers, During July - March 1997 - 98 over the corresponding period of last year of number of telegraph office increased from 427 to 444, telephone connections increased from 2. 463 million to 2.652 million, public call offices from 9.998 to 10, 057. During 1997 - 98, the television sets are estimated to increase from 2.824 million in 1996- 97 to 2.65 million and VCRs from 278, 200 to 281.000.

Transport in Pakistan

Transport in Pakistan  
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Transport in Pakistan

Considerable progress has been made in the transport sector during the current fiscal year. During July March 1997 — 98, the total length of roads n the country increased to 236.04 kms from 228.206 kms during be comparable period of last year. The Islamabad — Lahore Motorway (M-2) has been completed and opened for traffic in November 1997. Pakistan Railways network consists of 8.775 route km and 781 stations. Its major assists include 551 locomotives. 4.250 passenger coaches and 32,000 freight wagons, During • 1997 — 98 it 64.28 million passengers and its gross craning stood at Rs. 10. 095 billion.
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Transport Pakistan - Airline
The network of Pakistan International Airlines covers 55 international and 37 domestic stations. Presently, three private air lines i.e. Shaheen Airlines, Bhoja Air and Aero Asia are operating in the country and providing air travel services to the public. The country }, two major seaports as Karachi Sea port and Port Qasim. Beside, two i`s, Harbor - Cum - Mini Ports are being developed at Gawadar and Keu Blinder. The Karachi Port has handled 17.020 tones of car 20 during July - March 1997 - 8 compare with 17.460 million tones during Qasim has handled 11.021 million the same period last year Port tones ton of caro during July - March 1997 - 98 compared with 7.584 million  tones during the comparable period of last year. 

Agriculture in Pakistan

Agriculture in Pakistan:

There are two main agricultural seasons in Pakistan. The Kharif and Rabbi, the Kharif crops are: Cotton, Rice, Maize, Millets and Sugarcane. The Rabbi Crops is Wheat, Barley, Grain and Oil seeds.
These crops are classified as cash crops and food crops.
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Agriculture in Pakistan

Cash Crops: 

Cotton, Tobacco, Oil, Seeds and Sugarcane.

Food Crops: 

Rice, wheat, Barley, Millets, (Jowar and Bajra), Maize and fruit and vegetables.

Agriculture sector is estimated to grow by 5. Percent in1997 — 8 against the largest of 5.1 percent and previous year's growth of 0.06 percent In the major crops, the growth is estimated at 8.4 percent as compared with negative growth of 4.8 percent last year, Among the major crops, wheat, sugarcane and rice registered in increase of 12 percent 26.4 percent and 0.5 percent respectively. The less than satisfactory increase in rice production is mainly attributed to shortage of irrigation water at the time of transplantation of nursery. Production of cotton is estimated at 9.2 million bales as against the target of 10 million bless and last year's achievement of 9.37 million bales, The lower than targeted increase in cotton production is mainly due to the attack of leaf curl virus, substitution of cotton cultivation by other Kharif crops, disruption of sowing operations due to rains, floods and incidence of hail storm. Among minor crop the production of gram is likely to increase by 3 percent, Bajra by 45.2 percent, Jowar by 7.8 percent, onion by 6 percent and potato by 39.7 percent over last year. The fertilizer off-take increased by 7 percent and stood at 2032.27 thousand nutrient tones as compared with 1899.24 thousand nutrient tones of last year, Agriculture credit disbursement increased by 19.3 percent and amounted to Rs. 23.328 million as compared with Rs. 19.548 million during the same period last year. 
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Agriculture in Pakistan - Crops Cutting

The disbursed and outstanding external debt (medium & long term) are estimated by end June 1998 at $ 24.545 million. Exhibiting an increase of 6.0 percent over last year. The debt servicing during this period would amount to $2.416 million indicating a growth of 6.7 percent The commitments and disbursements of foreign aid during 1997 — 98 are projected to grow by 88.8 percent and 43.4 percent respectively.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Sunny Leone Bollywood Actress disguised as Man Shock fans

Sunny Leone Bollywood Actress disguised as Man Shock fans

MUMBAI (Web Desk) – film industry player Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit disguised herself as a person and denote her footage on social networking website Twitter. 
In a very chain of tweets, Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit shared some clicks from her coming film “Tera Intezar” within which she has been seen dressed up sort of a man for the shooting of song ‘Barbie Girl’.
Alifye - Entertainment News - Sunny Leone Bollywood Actress disguised as Man

footage of film industry player disguised as man shock fans
Last Updated On thirteen November,2017 03:20 pm
Alifye - Entertainment News - Bollywood - Sunny Leone Bollywood Actress disguised as Man

She additionally lauded the talent of her makeup creator Tomas Moucka for the excellent transformation and congratulated her team members for his or her efforts.
Alifye - Bollywood News - Sunny Leone Bollywood Actress disguised as Man

The film within which Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit and Arbaaz Khan ar in lead roles are going to be discharged on November twenty four.
Alifye - Entertainment Bollywood - Sunny Leone Bollywood Actress disguised as Man

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Festivals in Pakistan

Festivals in Pakistan

Muslim Festivals are:
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Eid Festival in Pakistan

Eid — ul- Fiter                                   1st Shawal
Eid — ul- Azha                                  9. 10th Zilhaj 
Muharrum                                          9, 10th Ashora (Muharum) 
Eid — Melad — du- Nabi (PBUH)  12th Rabbi — ul- Awal

Other Festivals are:

Khordadsal                                       (Birthday of Lord Zoraster (Parsi) 
Christmas (Christians)                     25th December 
Durga Puja                                       (Hindus) 
Desehra                                            (Hindus)                           
Diwali                                              (Hindus)
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Christmas Festival in Pakistan

National Highways Festival in Pakistan:   

Grand Trunk Road                          (Peshawar to Lahore) 
Lahore                                             Karachi 
Lahore                                             Quetta 
Karachi                                           Quetta 
Lahore                                            Faisalabad 
Lahore                                            Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
Alifye - Pakistan Study - National Highway Festival in Pakistan

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