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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Agriculture in Pakistan

Agriculture in Pakistan:

There are two main agricultural seasons in Pakistan. The Kharif and Rabbi, the Kharif crops are: Cotton, Rice, Maize, Millets and Sugarcane. The Rabbi Crops is Wheat, Barley, Grain and Oil seeds.
These crops are classified as cash crops and food crops.
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Agriculture in Pakistan

Cash Crops: 

Cotton, Tobacco, Oil, Seeds and Sugarcane.

Food Crops: 

Rice, wheat, Barley, Millets, (Jowar and Bajra), Maize and fruit and vegetables.

Agriculture sector is estimated to grow by 5. Percent in1997 — 8 against the largest of 5.1 percent and previous year's growth of 0.06 percent In the major crops, the growth is estimated at 8.4 percent as compared with negative growth of 4.8 percent last year, Among the major crops, wheat, sugarcane and rice registered in increase of 12 percent 26.4 percent and 0.5 percent respectively. The less than satisfactory increase in rice production is mainly attributed to shortage of irrigation water at the time of transplantation of nursery. Production of cotton is estimated at 9.2 million bales as against the target of 10 million bless and last year's achievement of 9.37 million bales, The lower than targeted increase in cotton production is mainly due to the attack of leaf curl virus, substitution of cotton cultivation by other Kharif crops, disruption of sowing operations due to rains, floods and incidence of hail storm. Among minor crop the production of gram is likely to increase by 3 percent, Bajra by 45.2 percent, Jowar by 7.8 percent, onion by 6 percent and potato by 39.7 percent over last year. The fertilizer off-take increased by 7 percent and stood at 2032.27 thousand nutrient tones as compared with 1899.24 thousand nutrient tones of last year, Agriculture credit disbursement increased by 19.3 percent and amounted to Rs. 23.328 million as compared with Rs. 19.548 million during the same period last year. 
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Agriculture in Pakistan - Crops Cutting

The disbursed and outstanding external debt (medium & long term) are estimated by end June 1998 at $ 24.545 million. Exhibiting an increase of 6.0 percent over last year. The debt servicing during this period would amount to $2.416 million indicating a growth of 6.7 percent The commitments and disbursements of foreign aid during 1997 — 98 are projected to grow by 88.8 percent and 43.4 percent respectively.



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