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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Barrages and Dams on the Indus

Barrages and Dams on the Indus:

The largest dam on the Indus has been built at Tarbela. Other barrages, in descending order along the river, are Jinnah Barrage near Kalabagh, part of the Thal Project; Taunsa Barrage 20 kilometers further downstream, which has a 100,000 kW power station in addition to diversion work: Gudu Barrage 150 kilometers upstream from Sukkar, Sukkar or Lloyd Barrage the oldest barrage on to river, and Ghulam Muhanunad Barrage near Kotri.
Alifye - Pak Study - Barrages and Dams on the Indus

Canals on west of the Indus: 

These include
  1. The Swat Canals departing from river at Malakand (Upper SwatCanal) and Abazai (Lower Swat Canal)
  2. The Warsaak Multi — Purpose Project on the Kaabul River 30kilometers northwest of Peshawar, which includes a 160 000 KW power plant
  3. The Kurran Garhi Project on the Kurram and Barren Rivers in Bannu Tehsil.

In addition to these major projects, the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) have also built some smaller dams. These include Rawal Dam, Gornal Dam, and Multi — purpose Project, Khanpur Dam and Hab Dam. The Agricultural Development Corporation has set up the Small Dam organization to construct clams of localized utility, strong the flood water of hill streams. A number of such dams have been constructed in the dry submontane areas of the north — west. Water of hill streams. A number of such darns have been constructed in the dry submontane areas of the north — west. 



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