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Friday, 10 November 2017

Canal System of Pakistan

Canal System of Pakistan:

The irrigated area is served by more than 40 major canal commands, Main canals start from a barrage or dam or weir on a river, A barrage seeds one or more main or link canals, A number of minor distributors feed out the main canal and these, in turn, serve a number o outlets to the farmers' water — courses, each o which irrigates between 60 and 240 hectares.

There are three major groups of canal system:-

  1. Canal on Upper — Indus Tributaries
  2. Systems on the Indus, and
  3. Systems west of the Indus

From the Jhelum:
Jehlum Canal System
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Jehlum Canal System

Upper Jhelum Canal which starts from Mangla, joins the Chenab at Ithanki, to give its surplus water to the Lower Chenab Canal and;
The Lower Jhelum Canal, which starts Rome Rasul.
From the Chenab:
The Upper Chenab Canal, starting Rome Marla and joining the Ravi near Baloki to supplement the water supply of the Lower Bari Doab Canal, the Lower Chenab Canal Rome Ithanki, and the Haveli system of canals from the Trinunu Weir, below the junction of the Chenab and the Jhelum.

From the Ravi:
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Ravi Canal System

  1. The Upper Bari Doab Canal which begins at Madhour (India), irri mainly the Indian Punjab, gating with only its Lahore branch reaching Pakistan
  2. The Lower Bari Doab Canal Rome Baloki, and
  3. The SicIlmai Canals from the left bank of the Ravi at Sidhnai.

From the Sutlej:
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Sutlej Canal System

From Sutlej River Canals depart at Ganda Singh wata Sulaimanke, Islam and below the junction of the Sutulej with the Chenab at Punjnad.
The Upper Jhelum, the Upper Chenab and the lower Bari Doab canals together from the Triple Project, which was designed to carry surplus water from the Jhelum to the Chenab and from the Chenab to the Ravi.



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