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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Communications in Pakistan

Communications in Pakistan
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Communications In Pakistan

Pakistan Communications is now connected with most of the countries of the world through international gateway exchange. Value added services such as Internet, E-mail, Cellular mobile telephone, optical fibber system, card pay phone and paging services are now available in the country which are providing innovative and modern services to the consumers, During July - March 1997 - 98 over the corresponding period of last year of number of telegraph office increased from 427 to 444, telephone connections increased from 2. 463 million to 2.652 million, public call offices from 9.998 to 10, 057. During 1997 - 98, the television sets are estimated to increase from 2.824 million in 1996- 97 to 2.65 million and VCRs from 278, 200 to 281.000.



  1. Linkage of people develops sense of unity, and communications can stimulate economic activity within the country. It promotes the education across the country and provides the modern information by TV, Internet, Mobilemall, radio etc.


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