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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Education Pakistan in 2000

Education Pakistan in 2000.

The government has 'recently announced National EducationPolicy 1998 — 2010 which aims at attaining respectable level of literacy by universalization of basic education, providing quality of education, reducing gender disparities, encouraging private investment in education. up — grading the quality of higher education, reforming the examination system and evolving an efficient decentralized management structure. 
Alifye - History of Pakistan - Education Pakistan in 2000

During 1997 — 98 there were 158.511 primary schools (108,552 male and 49, 959 female), 15, 909 middle schools (8,713 male and 7, 196 female) and 10. 004 high schools (6, 243 male and 3, 761 female) with total enrollment of 16, 642 thousand at primary stage (9, 699 male an 6, 943 female), 3906 thousand at middle stage (2, 389 male and 1, 517 female) and 1639 thousand at high stage (1034 male and 605 female) respectively. Participation rate atprimary stage for both the sexes stood at 77 percent (93 percent male and 61 percent female), at middle stage 49 percent (62 percent male and 36 percent female) and at high stage 34 percent (43 percent male and 25 percent female). For higher education the existing educational system is being strengthened and consolidated. During the current year the literacy rate has increased to 40 percent (51 percent male and 28 percent female). Expenditure as percentage of GNP stood at2.5 percent, which would be increased to 4 percent of GNP by 2010.



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