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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Energy Sector in Pakistan

Energy Sector in Pakistan
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During July - March 1997 - 98, the production of crude oil per day declined to 55,992 barrels from 58,797 barrels per day during the same period last year. The total production of crude oil stood at 15.342 million barrels against 16.110 million barrels during the same period of last year. The production of crude oil declined due to depletion of oil fields. The production of gas per day, slightly increased to 1, 922 million cubic feet during July March 1997 - 98 from 1.907 •million cubic feet over the same period of last year and as such the total production of gas increased to 526.628 million cubic feet during July - March 197 - 98 from 522.518 million cubic feet of the comparable period of last year.
Alifye - Energy Sector Pakistan
The installed capacity of electricity (hydel power) increased A by 21.9 percent during the first nine month of the c t fiscal year and stood at 15, 996-mega watt. The number of villages electrified increase to 65.473 during July - February 1997 - 98 against 64.568 in 1996 - 97. The number of consumers on the billing panel of WAPDA and KESC stood at 11.5ermillion up to February.

In October 1997, a new petroleum policy was announced which introduced various measures to exploit the existing energy resources and to build a tangible production base in the country. These measures were in the form of improved incentives, procedures, regulatory framework and transparency. Efforts were also focused in the policy on attracting private sector investment in off-share areas where no drilling activity was carried out since 1990.



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