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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Festivals in Pakistan

Festivals in Pakistan

Muslim Festivals are:
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Eid Festival in Pakistan

Eid — ul- Fiter                                   1st Shawal
Eid — ul- Azha                                  9. 10th Zilhaj 
Muharrum                                          9, 10th Ashora (Muharum) 
Eid — Melad — du- Nabi (PBUH)  12th Rabbi — ul- Awal

Other Festivals are:

Khordadsal                                       (Birthday of Lord Zoraster (Parsi) 
Christmas (Christians)                     25th December 
Durga Puja                                       (Hindus) 
Desehra                                            (Hindus)                           
Diwali                                              (Hindus)
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Christmas Festival in Pakistan

National Highways Festival in Pakistan:   

Grand Trunk Road                          (Peshawar to Lahore) 
Lahore                                             Karachi 
Lahore                                             Quetta 
Karachi                                           Quetta 
Lahore                                            Faisalabad 
Lahore                                            Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
Alifye - Pakistan Study - National Highway Festival in Pakistan



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