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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Fisheries in Pakistan

Fisheries in Pakistan

The share of fishers in GDP though small but is substantially contribute to the foreign exchange earnings through export besides provides protein to the populace. During the current year this sector is likening grow by 6.73 percent as compared to 4.79 percent last year. During i'9,,c) - 98, 138 M. ions of fish and fishery products were exported, earning, t/7 7.27 billions as compared to Rs. 5.29 billion during the same pen year showing an increase of 37.4.
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Fisheries in Pakistan

During the year 1997 - 98 the total marine and inland fish production is estimated 590.000 M; tons as compared to 555489M, tones during the same period last year showing in increase of 6.2 percent. The total estimated production of the current year i.e. 415,000 M. tones will be from marine production which was 395,397 M. tones during the same period last year and the remaining catch will be from inland fishery sector,

Total number of persons engaged in fisheries sector during 1997 - 98 is to be estimated 404, 150. Out of which 113, 750 persons were engaged in marine sector, whereas 290, 400 was involved in inland fisheries compared 401,407 in '996 - 97 out of which 113, 669 were in marine and 287, 738 were in inland fisheries sector.
Alifye - Pakistan Study -  Fisheries in Pakistan

A number of steps are being taken to improve fisheries sector which include interlay strengthening of infrastructure facilities, improvement of extension services, introduction of equal culture techniques, diversification of fishing efforts, development of value added products, enhancement of per capita consumption, up gradation o sociology-economic conditions o the fisherman's community. 

Presently Marine Fisheries Department is executing a project namely "establishment of Hatchery Complex for production of fish/Shrimp Seed". It is expected that implementation of this project will pay a vital role for development in the field of fish/shrimp farming.



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