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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Forestry in Pakistan

Forestry in Pakistan 

Forests in Pakistan constitute over an area of 4.2 million hectares i.e. about 5 percent of the total geographical area of the country One - tied o the forest area in Pakistan is productive and the remaining two - thirds is maintained for environmental stability. The type o forest that exist in Pakistan are coniferous forests, irrigated plantations, riverain forests, scrub forests, coastal forests, linear plantations and private plantations covering 4276 thousand hectares . There is also a type of forest called range lands covering 6260 t4o4and hectares. Therefore total forest area has been estimated at 10536 thousand hectares. 
Substantial tree growth exists on private farmlands in the form of compact, scattered and linear plantations in addition to forest area. According to Forestry Sector Master Plan, 1992 trees on 3, 40, 000 hectare have been planted on farm lands and private lands under watershed management and social forestry programmes. 

During the year 1997, estimated consumption of timber in the country stood at 3450 thousands cubic meter Ls compared to 3300 thousand cubic meter during 1996. The state forests contributed to 319 thousand share was 2318 thousand cubic meters. 823 thousand cubic meters of timber were imported during 1996 - 97. During 1996 - 97. fulled consumption was 28.5 million cubic meters, State forests contributed 0.309 million cubic meter of fulled and the 27.191 million cubic meters were supplied by farmlands. 

A large quantity of wood based products made of timber: puop, paperboard and manufactured articlesof wood are import-7, annually to meet the local supply and demand gap. During 19% 8e7u Pakistan spent Rs. 7382.3 million on import of wood and wood produ Ts as compared to Rs, 7073,7 million w 1995 - 96, showing an in ,ee CIedse of Rs. 308.9 millions. 

Total exports of wood and wood produces amounted to .ks / 2.231 million in 1996 - 97 as compared to Rs. 8, 658 million during 1995 -. 96. The wood-based sports goods accounted for 99 percent of the exported forest products.

Tree planting campaigns are organized twice a year during spring and Monsoon Seasons. During the last ten years 2040 million trees have been planted in both public and private sectors. In 1996 - 97, 241 million trees have been planted. 

.Progress to increase forest areas-under public sectors is limited, as no additional area has been placed at the disposal of the Provincial Forest Departments. The tree density in the existing forest area and pace of reforestation / afforestation has been severely hampered due to financial and social constraints. Annually 47, 000 hectares of forest lands are aforesaid/ reforested by the Provincial Forest Departments. 

To expand the forestry resource base, social forestry programmes are being implemented in all the provinces; Farming communities are being motivated and tree saplings provided on subsidized rates.
Following activities were carried out by the Provincial Forest Departments in 1996-97. 

Compact Plantain: 45.734 Hectares Linear Plantation: 1848 Avenue Kilometers Nurseries: 828 hectares. 

During 1997. 17 B.Sc. (forestry) and 21 M.Sc (forestry) trainee,s5 graduated from Pakistan Forest Institute,Peshawar. During this period 25 students in B.Sc. (forestry) and 25 students in M.Sc (forestry) classes were enrolled.



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