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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Historical and Public Places of Pakistan

Historical and Public Places of Pakistan: 

1- Historical. Places:
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Texila Museum

Texila, Ham Millar (Qila Shekhupura), Fort of Lahore, Haraappa, Mohenjodaro, Jahangir's Tomb, Badshahi Mosque (Lahore), Shalimar Garden (Lahore), MasjidMahabat Khan, Harand Fort and Dilo Rai Ki Theer Jampur Dist Rajanpur are some historical places in Pakistan.

2- Public Places: 

         Public Place                                                                 Rawalpindi
         Jallo Park                                                                     Lahore
         Race Course Park                                                        Lahore
         Jinnah Garden                                                             Lahore 
         Gulshan E Iqbal Park                                                  Lahore
         Minar E Pakistan Park                                                Lahore
         Zoo                                                                              Lahore
         Museum                                                                       Lahore
         Lanier Park                                                                  Lahore
         Model Town Park                                                        Lahore
         Suzo Water Park                                                          Lahore
         Changa Manga                                                             Lahore
         Shakar Parian                                                               Islamabad
         Daman E Koh                                                               Islamabad
Alifye - Historical Places - Daman E Koh
         Patriata                                                                          New Murree
         Pindi Point, Kashmir Point                                           Murree Hills
         Clifton                                                                           Karachi
         Holks Bay                                                                      Karachi
         Manora                                                                          Karachi
         Lake Saif Ul Maluk                                                       NWFP
Alifye - Historical Places - Lake Saif Ul Maluk
         Fort Manro                                                                     D. G Khan

Pindi Point, Kashmir Point Clifton Holics Bay Manors Lake Saif ul Maluk Fort Marino
Murree hills Karachi Karachi Karachi NWF D. G. Khan



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