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Friday, 3 November 2017

Soil of Pakistan

Soil of Pakistan:

Alifye - Pakistan Study - Soil of Pakistan
Soils in Pakistan vanes from region to region mostly these are loamy and moist to a great extent. The Indus Basin Soils are Alluvial in nature and is deposited by the Indus and its tributaries. The soils can be divided into three major categories: -
  1. Bangor Soils OldAlluvium)

  2. Khaddar SoilsRecent Alluvium) 

  3. Indus Delta Soils

The Mountains soils occur in the high land areas o the north and west and are residual as well as transported. These soils are usually strongly calcareous with low organic contents.
Sandy Desert Soil extends over some parts of western Baluchistan and Cholistan and Thar Desert. Thal desert soils occur in large section of the Sindh Sagar Doab. Desert soils includes rolling to hilly sand soils and clayey flood plain soils.



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