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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Transport in Pakistan

Transport in Pakistan  
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Transport in Pakistan

Considerable progress has been made in the transport sector during the current fiscal year. During July March 1997 — 98, the total length of roads n the country increased to 236.04 kms from 228.206 kms during be comparable period of last year. The Islamabad — Lahore Motorway (M-2) has been completed and opened for traffic in November 1997. Pakistan Railways network consists of 8.775 route km and 781 stations. Its major assists include 551 locomotives. 4.250 passenger coaches and 32,000 freight wagons, During • 1997 — 98 it 64.28 million passengers and its gross craning stood at Rs. 10. 095 billion.
Alifye - Pakistan Study - Transport Pakistan - Airline
The network of Pakistan International Airlines covers 55 international and 37 domestic stations. Presently, three private air lines i.e. Shaheen Airlines, Bhoja Air and Aero Asia are operating in the country and providing air travel services to the public. The country }, two major seaports as Karachi Sea port and Port Qasim. Beside, two i`s, Harbor - Cum - Mini Ports are being developed at Gawadar and Keu Blinder. The Karachi Port has handled 17.020 tones of car 20 during July - March 1997 - 8 compare with 17.460 million tones during Qasim has handled 11.021 million the same period last year Port tones ton of caro during July - March 1997 - 98 compared with 7.584 million  tones during the comparable period of last year. 



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