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Wednesday, 27 December 2017



  • Diameter at equator --- 12756 km 
  • Means distance from Sun - 149.6 million km. 
  • Orbits Sun in 365.26 days. 
  • Rotation on axisin---- 23 hr 16 minutes 4 seconds 
  • Number of satellites-- 1

Alifye - The Solar System - Earth
The Earth is third in distance from thew Sun. it is the largest of _ , the terrestrial planets by a slight margin, but it ranks only fifth in size among the nine principal planets. The major distinction of Earth is its ability to support life. Its distance from its parent star' (Sun) means that the flux of sunshine is neither impossibly high nor impossibly low, and its size enables it to retain a reasonable atmosphere. The Earth has a satellite i.e Moon to be disused later.



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